Does anyone have facial vibration?

Hi all,

About a month ago, I started experiencing a low grade vibration in my face when I was laying down. It didn’t happen all the time but often enough that I started to notice it, maybe a few times a week.

I just had surgery two days ago to remove my left styloid and my recovery seems to be going well so far except this vibrating feeling now happens almost every time I lay down. It’s so disruptive, and worrying. It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t feel electrical per se (as some members have described), and I can’t hear it exactly. I can’t see or feel it externally, I don’t think. It’s sort of like the sensation you might have if you were driving over fine gravel in a car with the windows closed. I mostly feel it behind the nose area but sometimes it feels a bit more diffuse around my whole head and neck. It definitely causes anxiety though I’m not aware of it being caused by acute anxiety (not that I am always perfectly aware of when I’m anxious).

Does anyone else have this with their ES? Resolution after surgery? Nerves irritation? What do you all think? It’s a scary thing to google…

Thank you, as always! This forum gives me hope for healing.

My best from Brooklyn!

Found something on google that might be similar to yours:


Hi EagleInBrooklyn,

My best advice is what is suggested in the article - make an appt. w/ your PCP to discuss the vibration feeling you get when lying down. It is in an odd place & doesn’t line up w/ the Healthline article’s tentative diagnoses, but it still could be a precursor or symptom of something that’s developing in your body. If so, better to catch it early.

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Yes, I’ll plan to do that. Was just wondering if anyone on here has experienced something similar with ES. Seems like it could be in the ES wheelhouse.

It absolutely could somehow be a nervous response to ES, but I don’t recall it being mentioned as a symptom here. That doesn’t mean it’s not. There are many symptoms that are unique to particular individuals that others haven’t experienced. I had the intermittent, odd sensation that the roof of my mouth & gums around my right upper teeth had been scalded (like by a hot drink). The feeling would come & stay for an hour or two then just disappear. It was very weird. It did go away after both styloids were gone.

I’ve forgotten if you have bilateral ES, but if you do, & the vibration feeling is an ES symptom, it could possibly go away after your second styloid is removed. I expect more posts will show up on this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If it is an ES symptom, the nerves getting irritated from surgery could explain it worsening now?