Trembling sensation

A saw a few weeks ago that someone posted about having the sensation of his/her body trembling upon waking?? I was unable to read it at the time and have not been able to find it since. Please let me know who you are if you see this post.I have the very same thing and never knew it was related to ES. I have never found it in any reasearch and am curious to get your ( or anyone else's) thoughts on it.

I get the shaky feeling inside body. My description is feels like my pulses are pounding in extremities: arms & legs, stomach, chest. I have sympathetic hyperadrenergic per positive tilt table test. Do you get the same sensation??

Thank you so much for the info. Im pretty sure there are some MDs out there who think im crazy. I hope you find relief soon!!

It has been one week post ES surgery and noticed less “trembling sensation all over body”. I think it might be the vagus nerve that was being affected by the styloid

Thats great news Amy! I think you may be right about the vagus nerve. That would also explain the hypereflexivity that some of us gave. I hope you continue your recovery!!