Does Ernest Syndrome Inadvertently Get Fixed By Styloidectomy?

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Curious is when the stylomandibular ligament is cut during surgery if you had Ernest Syndrome, if this in theory would also take care of this?

I don’t believe getting only the stylomandibular ligament resected will resolve all your symptoms if it occurs in conjunction w/ elongated styloids &/or calcified stylohyoid ligaments. If the only calcified area(s) is/are one or both s-m ligament(s) then getting that taken care of should make a huge difference.

Ah sorry yes! I asked the question poorly, when the styloids are removed, if they stylomandibular ligaments are resected- or even just detached if that would be enough to also take care of Ernest (:

Having the stylomandibular ligament removed if it’s calcified should take care of the Ernest symptoms.

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Thanks Wendy! So just clipping it from styloidectomy wouldn’t be enough, total resection would need to happen?

If the stylo-mandibular ligament is calcified, & just detached from the styloid but left in, then I would imagine it could still cause symptoms, as the calcified part could still rub against nerves. If you know or suspect you have calcification it would be best to talk this over with your surgeon, it would be a shame to need revision surgery…

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Could it be that’s its just the stylomandibular ligament giving the symptoms and not the styloid itself?

I don’t think it would be possible to tell really until surgery? If you can feel the styloid process at the back of your throat in the tonsil area, or under your jaw, sometimes pushing on it- not too hard- can aggravate symptoms, it might give you an idea if it is the styloid? But not everyone can do that…

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The Dr in India did it and I winced in pain which went into the ear.

Then hopefully getting the styloid removed with help