Dr. Appointment in Louisville

I have an appointment this afternoon with an ENT Oncology microvascular surgeon in Louisville, KY. We will see if this is someone that gets added to list for Eagle treatment. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes. Blessings, Christy


Hope it goes well, good to think outside the box & see a different doctor if there’s no-one near you…look forward to hearing about it!

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I second what @Jules said. We like to add names to our Doctors List. I hope your appointment went well, @GiGi1965!

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I thought the appointment went well, even though it hurt during physical exam. He said he has done about 30 styloid removals. Sees 3-4 Eagle patients a year. Felt like having my right side removed may elevate symptoms. I showed him this picture from rendering ct scans 3d (it’s on the left side) and he thought it may be contribute to a lot of headaches, I failed to ask what kind of specialist would deal with something like that. Anyone know? (In between cranium and
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Wow, those styloids look pretty big! And quite thick too…I’m not an expert but the jugular veins don’t look compressed to me…Quite alot of our members have had headaches with ES, you could have a search for that in the past discussions.
Glad that you feel it went well though, are you opting for surgery with him, or going to get another opinion?

I’m not sure yet … I’m committing it to prayer.

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I would like to look at a bunch of others 3d uploads - what is the best search phrase for that?

Glad you were able to see someone, may I ask who you saw in Louisville?

Dr. Paul Tennant with Norton

I’m really glad your appointment went well & agree w/ @Jules that your styloids look HUGE - not only long but also very thick. I also agree that your IJVs don’t look compressed. Your right IJV is dominant based on its size compared to the left one.

To see other 3D images on our forum, click on the magnifying glass image in the upper right of this page & type 3D images in the search box. That will get you started.

The end of your final sentence got cut off so I’m not sure what you’re looking at that may be contributing to your headaches.

I’ve annotated 2 images, in the first, it looks like the left transverse process of your C-1 vertebra is touching your temporal bone which isn’t normal. The second shows that your C-1 vertebra is a bit angled which is also not normal. In the image where I marked the C-1 so you can see its angle, the tp of C-1 doesn’t appear to be touching the temporal bone so perhaps it was just head position or scan angle that made it look that way in the first image.

Thanks! What had been cut off was me questioning about the vessels that seem to be coming out between cranium and C1 on left side. I am now thinking that they probably aren’t anything to be concerned with. I told my GP that chiropractic (high velocity adjustment) gave me the most relief, she felt like I could still get relief from chiropractic, but, a different mode than the high velocity, and therapeutic massage.

I think the vessels you’re referring to are your internal jugular veins & they look good as far as I can tell.

It’s imperative that you stay away from high velocity neck adjustments now that you’ve been diagnosed w/ ES, & forever after. Neck adjustments can be done gently using a a tool called an activator or on a traction/decompression table. Most chiropractors have either or both of those in their offices.

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Yes! Thanks … I will stay away from high velocity adjustments.