Dr Chhetri and Vascular Eagles - Would love some input from ppl who had surgery with Dr Chhetri

So I was luckily able to get a diagnosis from Dr Chhetri. It was an online consultation. My main issue is dysphagia. And he did diagnose me with Hyoid Bone Syndrome, which I do have. It is the styloid on the right side that I’m unsure of. Because I dont seem to have too many symptoms that point to Eagles, he only mentioned potential Eagles Syndrome in his notes. Recently I came to know very few docs are aware of Vascular Eagles. I have the utmost respect for Dr Chhetri but I’m curious. Has anyone here had styloidectomy with Dr Chhetri for VES? MY right styloid is 3 mm close to my c1 process. Would love to hear your thoughts? If there are people who have had their surgeries done by Dr Chhetri, their input would be highly appreciated

Here’s a link to one of our members discussions about Dr Chetri, he diagnosed HBS also but if I remember right @1speechpick went on to have an MVD done, and hasn’t had surgery with him. One of the other members @BB16 had surgery but I can’t find any updates…
More updates about my complicated case - General - Living with Eagle

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Hey thank you so much Jules. I have been slowly going thru the threads you shared with me