Newly diagnosed and need some guidance

Hi All,

I was just diagnosed with Eagle on both sides, 56 cm on left and 59cm on right and I believe I have both classic and vascular with all the symptoms I have that have also been discussed here on the site. I live in CT and have made numerous calls to NY Hospitals and no help. I made an Appt. with Dr. Cognetti in Philly which is 3 hours away because I heard of him mentioned on this site. Can anyone give me feedback on him or maybe recommend someone that they had positive experiences with. Thanks!!!

Welcome painintheneck,

I personally don’t have experience with Dr. Cognetti be quite a few of our members have gone to him, some traveling across the country to see him. He comes highly recommended. I believe you are in good hands.


Hi painintheneck,

Your nom de plume sums up what we are all feeling. Pin a post to Dawn who just had surgery with Dr. Cognetti in May. She was very pleased with him and has been a wonderful friend and advisor to me on my upcoming surgery. She had her right styloid removed intraoral and is considering having her left one taken care of too by Dr. Cognetti. I am having surgery in Pittsburgh with the surgeon who diagnosed me with eagles a year or so ago on July 25th. My surgeon and Dr. Cognetti went to medical school together, so I feel I am also in good hands. I wish you the best of luck and that you get the answers to your concerns. Take care!


Hi Painintheneck,

Dr. Cognetti is a bit of a rock star on this site. I have heard nothing but great things about him and his staff from others on this site. Eagleheart had both of her styloids removed by him. He did the external route on eagleheart and the intraoral route on Dawn. I am sure they would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I agree with RB you are in great hands.