Dr Constantino - an experience beyond unprofessional

I found out about by calcified styloid process six weeks ago. I have a lot of jaw problems, in general the list is long, I’ve had an ischemic stroke, I randomly pass out cold for extended periods and nobody has any idea why. Nobody has looked at the jugular vein.

I had an appointment with Constantino on the 9th, it was re-scheduled to the 30th (This past Thursday), in the middle of this they offered me an appointment the week before which I declined & kept the 30th.

I arrived Thursday from 4.5 hours away (2 of which I’d been passed out again), we went in only to be told my appointment had been canceled, I was told by his scheduler she had tried to call (she didn’t, we checked all incoming calls since the day they confirmed the 30th), she said she emailed, she read off the wrong email, even though I got the confirmation by text and email and filled out my pre-registration. So that was it, I was told he was coming back from his orthopedic surgery 12/8. I said thank you and left. I’m really at the point I really don’t have anything left to give and my husband doesn’t have another vacation day left to bring me anywhere.

I was more than willing to wait, to give grace when it looked like his office or he was not acting normal, but this is so far outside the range of acceptable that it’s truly unforgivable. I can’t remember the last time I had a doctors appointment that wasn’t canceled for lack of staffing, it is what it is. It’s all just gotten to that point, I am sick of being sick, sick of being the rare unicorn patient nobody knows what to do with. I can’t imagine doing this to a patient. I just can’t imagine it… Maybe retirement should be in his future.


The situation here seems crazy, I really hope that the staffing issues get sorted as ES members need an many experienced doctors for surgery as we can get…so sorry that you’ve been messed about like this, it is unacceptable! Others have given you suggestions of other doctors to try in the new year when you can on another thread so I won’t mention those again, just sending you a hug :hugs:


Thank you :heart:

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