Dr. Hackman Post-Op Help


So yesterday I saw Dr. Hackman im so happy they called me back to see him sooner than later, and I got to say he is such an amazing doctor the best Ive ever been to so caring and willing to stay and answer all questions you have to the best of his ability.

Anyway I’m still wondering about post-op symtoms how long they last. If there is any specific pain clinic or Physical Therapist I should go see etc. Im just very worried about post operation. I have so many questions. In reading here about all the pain people are in after surgery some say they still are in pain. Normally how long should the post-op pain last? Where can I go to receive post-op care? How can I make sure I will heal properly and not be in pain for a prolonged period of time? What was your healing experience and how are you feeling now?

Im thinking to myself is the surgery worth it i know ive been suffering with my conditions but ive gotten to a point where i can at least live through my symtoms even though i still have barriers and activities i wish i can perform but im too scared to. I just dont want to feel worse for a prolonged time after surgery of course i want to feel better but im also scared that maybe its possible my condition might not be fixed and not ill just be living with more pain after. Just looking for support and answers if soneone can please help me

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Are you having bilateral surgery? This can be more painful & there can be more swelling than with one side removed, but has it’s advantages as obvs you’ll get it all over and done with. There are lots of post-op stories on here, Dr Hackman’s surgery is generally successful & members have been really pleased with their outcomes. It is a test of patience though, & as you’ve obvs read recovery can be painful. The best advice is to keep your head & neck elevated to reduce swelling, to ice regularly, and to keep up with the pain meds regularly (& be prepared with a laxative as they can cause constipation).
Some members have found they’ve had irritation to the facial nerve after surgery, so have had a droopy face/ mouth or eyelid, but this resolves with time.
It does vary greatly how much pain people are in, & different surgeons have different techniques. Expect to be tired too post-op. Don’t too anything too strenuous for a good 4 weeks after surgery. It’s best to wait until everything is healed before you think about PT …
Personally I had trouble chewing & opening my mouth too wide after my first surgery, for a week-10days, but not too much pain, I had codeine in hospital but just ibuprofen after that at home, most people need more than that though, especially if having both sides done. I was fine to do walking a few days afterwards, but not things like sweeping & lifting, and driving was uncomfortable turning my head. I did very slow , gentle neck stretches to stop everything getting tight, but best to speak to Dr Hackman’s team before you do this.
You are in good, experienced hands with Dr Hackman, which makes the surgery far more likely to be successful…but ultimately it’s a personal decision as to whether you think the symptoms are worth going through the surgery to get rid of…but consider too that often symptoms get worse with age, & the longer the styloids are left in, the more they could keep irritating & damaging nerves.
For me, I’m so glad that I had surgery, it made a massive difference to my life.


Thank you so much! I mean im just super anxious right now and scared. How long after sugery were you feeling back to your normal self are you still experiencing any complications post-op or symptoms pre-op. How long did it personally take for you to feel more or less normal again and better than you did since you had eagle syndome and since post-op

My bad im just not re reading. I only have mine on one side

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@Cdbruce - For me, it took two months for the post op fatigue to go away, but I pushed myself a bit early by jog/walking a 15K race at 6 weeks post op. That definitely set me back & was a stupid thing to do. As far as pain reduction goes, it seems for many people some symptoms are gone when they awake from surgery. For others, symptoms disappear gradually over several months. I felt pretty good by 2 months post op, even better by 4 mos post op & pretty normal by 6 mos post op. I did have symptoms that took closer to a year to go away, but they were minimal by 6 mos after surgery.

@Jules has given you good advice regarding initial post op care. With unilateral surgery there’s often a positive turning point by the end of the second week post op i.e. you’ll have less pain & feel like moving a bit more BUT still take it easy as Jules noted. Symptoms tend to come & go a bit after surgery but that’s part of the healing process. Listening to your body & resting when it asks will make a big difference.

@Elena posted this quote from the FB ES site which is encouraging: