Hackman Surgery Post Op

Hey everyone, I had surgery with Dr Fargen in October and things didn’t go as I had hoped. He left a big piece of the styloid in my neck which seemed to have been causing me issues. I needed my other side done as well so I went to Dr Hackman who offered to do a revision surgery on the side that was previously operated on. Glad I went to him as he is very knowledgeable in this space.

Surgery was 7 days ago. He removed both sides and recovery has been much better than last time. Still have headaches but I know that takes time to resolve itself after surgery. Tinitus disappeared, sinus problems are gone, coughing gone, and stiff neck is much better.

The biggest thing I am experiencing this time is a major amount of throat discomfort and ear discomfort. In my throat it feels like a dry sandpaper feeling on the sides and is very uncomfortable to swallow. The strangest part is it switches sides for the discomfort each time I swallow. I’m hoping this is just typical recovery but I did not have this on my last recovery.

Anyone have any information on throat and ear discomfort post surgery? Any personal experiences of how long it took to go away as well? Thanks!

Im really glad Dr. Hackman did the revision for you. I am still very impressed that you were willing to be Dr. Fargen’s “guinea pig”. I’m sure he’ll improve with practice.

Post op throat pain is very common because of the breathing tube that’s used during surgery. I had 2 unilateral surgeries so can’t speak to the pain switching sides when swallowing. I can say my throat was sore for a couple of weeks post op.

Ear pain can also be a part of the recovery. It along with most of the initial post op pain comes from inflammation which the body creates as it tries to protect the tissues injured by surgery.

Bilateral surgery is a tougher recovery than unilateral so may take 4-6 weeks before swelling reduces & you start feeling significant changes, BUT you get it all done at once & don’t have to recover twice. :partying_face::partying_face:


I agree with @Isaiah_40_31 about the discomfort you’re experiencing- I didn’t have pain in my ear but after my second side was done I had some weird symptoms- I couldn’t hear a thing, it felt really blocked & like I’d had concrete poured into it! This went away after a couple of weeks…the auricular nerve could potentially have been irritated by surgery.
Hopefully the other members who’ve had surgery with Dr Hackman can chip in too.
Praying you heal quickly :hugs: :pray:


Did you have the sandpaper throat sensation before surgery?

Technically I have to heal twice anyways :grin: lol. And I figure every doctor needs to learn at some point! I thought about the breathing tube as well being the issue, but it seems to be something else causing it. Dr. Hackman said the breathing tube pain would only be there for maybe 2 to 3 days. Whatever this is seems to be going on much longer.

And I do need to remind myself that both sides were done at the same time. I know it’s a lot of trauma for my neck to go through and I’m trying to be patient. It’s just so hard when you want to get back to life! Thanks for your feedback!


I will look into that nerve because I’m curious and have not learned about it. Mine does feel like it is just full of bricks as well. My hearing has changed as well. Super uncomfortable feeling nonetheless. I appreciate your comment!


I did not have that sensation beforehand. It’s a really weird sensation and I don’t know how else to describe it. Have you seen anything like it before.

I feel a sandpaper in the throat sensation, but I’m not sure if it’s my remaining elongated styloid ( my left has been removed) or some other issue. I had it before my first surgery too.


I am a retired Nurse, I worked in general surgery, however, not in ear nose and throat. The discomfort you are having post op, could be to do with the airway which is introduced when you have surgery.


I had bilateral surgery with Dr. Hackman almost 3 months ago. I had ear pain off and on for about 2-3 weeks. I’ll still get it sometimes if I’m stressed out and the swelling gets worse. I still have quite a bit of swelling on my left side and some on my right but it’s gotten much better. Ice is your friend. Ddmarie told me about a great icepack I bought from Amazon that wraps around your head. It’s great for that. I had a sore throat for about a week. It went away after that. I hope that helps.