Dr Osborn?

Hi all - After a discouraging visit with and ENT at Brigham’s (which is in-network for me), I decided to pay out-of-pocket to go see Dr. Timothy Osborn and Lahey (Boston). I feel incredibly blessed to be able to be able to pay for this visit but I can’t pay for the total out-of-network price for surgery etc so my plan is to see Dr. Osborn and see if he can refer me after confirming a diagnosis. If any of you have seen Dr. Osborn, do you know if he has experience with the vascular type of Eagle’s? I know it seems some of the Drs don’t really even believe in it? Anyway…I have an appointment on March 15 with him. Thanks for any help.

Hello. What are your symptoms? I was supposed to have surgery earlier this month but the day before i.had a family member pass away. A lot of Dr’s may or may not believe in vascular but I have had a lot of nerve issues because of this. I have this on both sides and calcification of the hyoid bone. My styloid processes are.over 5cm on both sides and bothers me.most.on the left side…I have so many symptoms that my everyday life is miserable at this point almost bed ridden.

Sorry that you weren’t able to have your surgery- it sounds like you’ve been really getting bad symptoms while you wait. Have you got another date for surgery? Thinking of you…

Symptoms are vascular in nature…dizziness/vertigo/balance difficulty, daily headache (mostly left side), drooping eye lid on left side (sometimes better), blood pressure up and down, cannot tolerate bending over and standing back up, intolerance to bright lights, brain fog, near fainting episodes, I know I am forgetting some, etc. 20 years of this stuff with worsening symptoms and new symptoms over the years. I am bed ridden today as we are having a serious coastal storm and moving my head/body makes everything rock. ugh. Hoping Dr. Osborn can at least confirm a diagnosis as that will lend some legitimacy to this stuff. I am at a point where I would not walk but run for surgery in order to get my life back. I do hope you get to your surgery soon tambaralee.

I’m sorry you lost a family member. How hard to have grief on top of great pain!

Can you reschedule your surgery now? I know you were planning to travel out of state for surgery. Would you still consider doing that?strong text