Eagle Syndrome - Post Op Meds

Hi Guys.The ES post op medications I was prescribed included quite strong analgesics, mainly for the surgery site pain - I took these for only a few days after surgery. I also took Trepiline for the neurological pain, plus the bonus that it helps one sleep - I took that for about two months after surgery. I used a warm bean bag around my neck and Robaxin (to relax the muscles), and needed physio to re-align and soothe my neck and jaw muscles. My physiotherapist recommended I use a TENS machine to stimulate the nerves and help with the pain in my jaw - this did help.

I must mention that I lost the use of the left-hand-side of my face after the removal of my second (left-hand) stylo-hyoid process. My mouth and eye drooped and I kept biting my tongue. Using the TENS machine on my jaw and face, and having physio (including ultrasound and lazer therapy) I regained complete use after about two months of treatment. I used 'ScarBan' gel strips along the scar as soon as the raw wound was sealed- after about a week. This softened the scar and really helped it to 'disappear'.

The scar tissue inside my neck and below my ear still give me pain - a year later. I just have to go for physio every so often - and take a pain killers and muscle relaxants when it gets really uncomfortable, plus a little heat.

But, surgery and post op meds are nothing compared to pre op pain and the hectic meds I needed to just help me get through each day. I was on Neurontin, Lyrica, Tramahexal, CiLift, Provigil, Adco-Zolpidem - plus,plus! (ie. for neurological pain, inflammation of the tendons and muscles near the calcified stylo-hyoid site, meds to sleep, meds to keep me awake, plus stimulate depleted serotonin etc.). So many medications can play havoc with the stomach - so, in my case, I had to see a gastroenterologist and dietician.

But, hey - I am soooo much better now and not taking so many meds.

Bless you all. Get healed!!

Thanks flyingeagle for the update! Really glad that you're so much improved, it's good for those contemplating surgery to hear!

Wow you really had to go thought alot.. all they gave me were pain meds and pushed me out the door lol. a week later I was back at work