Eagles and sinus problems

Just curious if there is a connection with eagles syndrome and sinus problems. I have a loud creaking sound, and sinus blockage coming from the more elongated side. Have others experienced sinus related problems due to ES? Did it improve after eagles syndrome surgery?

I typed sinus into the search box & a bunch of thread came up w/ sinus problem discussions. I didn’t read much but I do recall that members w/ sinus issues found them reduced or resolved after ES surgery.

Here’s the link to the first discussion that came up in my search:

Thank you, yes I should be using the search box on this one
It does appear this is a connection by comments from others.

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Interesting, I will check it out too as I have sinus pain sometimes as well as right eye is super dry at night, to the point of being in pain if I don’t put the right drops in. I put drops in at start of bedtime, middle of night if I wake up, and when I wake up. I’ve had multiple radio-frequency and IPL treatments as well as meibomian gland expressions to no avail. Personally I have a feeling it could be inflammation related and/or nerves are being irritated preventing proper gland function.

Optometrist has never heard of Eagle Syndrome but he thinks it’s Hashimoto’s related, however if that were the case you’d think I’d have progress after a 3 treatments of RF at one place and 4 treatments of RF/IPL/expression at his place, not to mention all the heated eye bag home treatments and expensive eye drops.

Edit: I was tested for Sjogren’s in 2019 and came out negative.

I’ve had dry eyes since the same time as the ES symptoms ramped up- the Trigeminal Nerve innervates the lacrimal glands, and is often irritated or compressed by the styloids so it could be that causing the symptoms as I have Atypical TN, but I’ve had a dry mouth too so thinking it might be Sjogrens. (I tested negative too but apparently the blood test isn’t that reliable). I use Xailin eye drops which aren’t too expensive & seem to work well for me, I don’t know if they’re available in Canada, might be worth a try?

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@Jules Thanks for the eye drops suggestions, I’ve tried practically every over-the-counter eye drop out there and the expensive ones including - I-DROP (my eyes were too sensitive to ingredients), Candorvision Hylo (gel, Hylo regular, Hylo Intense - all expensive) & CALMO (nice eye spray but expensive and doesn’t last long), Thealoz Duo drops (using now) and Thealoz Duo gel (doesn’t do anything more than the drops). Which makes me think there’s something going on internally that eye drops may not solve.

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Ive had sinus problems since my teens and that is when I had them cauterized and my tonsils out. In many of my Eagles pain flairs pre-op, it always leads to the ears. Im now having more ear problems when I was doing pretty well post-op for quite awhile (6-8 months). I had my TMJ managed well and cruising along well. Then I had a molar extracted and all hell broke loose. Ive come to believe that many of us have more than one issue going on. That many of us have a constellation of ENT issues. Its almost like it goes along with the Eagles. I have the same sinus pressure you describe. It ebbs and flows depending on my congestion level. Im told I have a benign retention cyst in my sinus but ENT doesn’t think its causing a problem. Luckily I dont have the dry eyes like many of you.