Eagles? Increased Intracranial pressure? Occipital Neuralgia? How to proceed?

I have a diagnosis of Eagles syndrome. My styloid on the affected side is 3.6 cm so not too long. It is not touching an artery or vein on scan but is close to my carotid. Th doc said it may or may not be interfering with that when I turn my head. The Dr. said the only way to know for certain if Eagles is causing my problems is to have the surgery done. Because I have had symptoms for so long and they have changed somewhat over the years and because I have so many different diagnosis, I really want to get the right procedures done as I thin I may require treatment for ore than one.

I have all of the symptoms of Eagle syndrome. The constant throat symptoms and shoulder pain have really just developed over the last year and a half although I have had swallowing problems on and off for five years. My throat pain is more an intermittent stabbing sensation, sometimes it feels swollen and is almost always sore. I also have swollen lymph nodes on that side that have gone down with antibiotics a couple times. Studies were done and it was decided these were the result of allergic reactions and reflux but I suspect now this is Eagles.

Investigating Eagles though I find I have all of the symptoms of this and also have all of the symptoms of increased intracranial pressure (IIH) except for the increased eye problems. I even had exacerbation with pregnancy. I also have all of the symptoms of occipital neuralgia. I was told in the past this was occipital headaches but recently told it is occipital neuralgia which explains A LOT, including why pain meds do not work well. The occipital problem started right after a car accident. I had already had some ear problems and dizziness but two months after the accident they got out of control and it was all down from there

Here is where I need help. I thought in the past I had been tested for increased intracranial pressure when I had a spinal tap. Looks like that was not tested, they just checked for infection.others have had spinals done to look at pressure. I cant find anyone to help me out with this. Should I just go ahead and have the Eagles surgery and then go from there? I am afraid I will have the eagles surgery and nothing at all will be fixed.

When the ENT doc touched my tonsillar region I had a full blown episode but the Eagles surgeon I went to said he could have just accidentally touched my carotid and made my symptoms come on. She does think I have eagles though. I would love to have the lidocaine thing done where they put that in the back of the throat to see if that got rid of the symptoms. Does anyone know if Dr. Cognetti does that? He is a few hours away from me


Peacefulbuttons, I think you should make an appointment with Dr. Cognetti and ask him these questions. I'm hesitant to say what my opinion would be because of your other issues. But if you go to an experienced Eagles doctor, you could probably get your questions cleared up. Best of luck to you - I know these pains are really hard to deal with.

Thanks so much for the response. I did see a doc that does the surgery and was very nice. But I think with all my issues I need to see someone who see LOTS of people with this. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. I will make an appointment with Dr Cognetti