New to Eagles and this support forum

Hi everyone, My symptoms are Tinnitus, headaches, occipital pain, neck pain, pain over my styloid processes, jaw pain, light headedness, nauseousness with looking up and down, pain with turning my head to both sides, left hearing loss with ear pain to both ears, brain fog, sensitivity to light, parietal pain, temporal pain, eye strain, head and face pressure. I recently went to my 6th ENT last week who pushed on the styloid process in my tonsillar fossa and I literally jumped out of the chair from the pain.

I just edited my post as it was very long. I’m angry, nervous and I feel defeated. No one has listened to me for 3 and 1/2 years. I found Eagle Syndrome through a ton of research. I am pretty sure this is what I have. I am seeing a head and neck surgeon on 11/2 who has treated Eagles. I’m nervous and I hope he listens to me.

I have attached pictures of my scans and would love to hear your thoughts. The thicker styloid is on the left. The thinner, longer is on my right and poking into my mouth.

Thank you for reading this and for looking at my images.



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Hi Danielle1 - Nice to meet you! Your styloids look gruesome (that’s a compliment!). They are very long & as you noted the left one is very thick while the right one is longer & more spindly looking. In the 4th image from the top, it looks like your IJV is being squashed between your C-1 vertebra & your styloid process which means blood flow out of your brain could be compromised. It would be important to get that left styloid removed to the skull base in hopes that your IJV can re-open. I am not a doctor so this is just my non-medical opinion.

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Thank you! For the first time I feel validated on my concerns and self diagnosis. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi & welcome to the site! Very well done with your research & diagnosis, but so sorry that you’ve not been listened to for so long. Sadly that seems to be the norm here, so you’ll find others in the same situation.
They look nasty long styloids! I agree with what @Isaiah_40_31 has said…I’m guessing that she’s given you info about the site when you joined, so if you look at the doctors list there’ll hopefully be someone who can help you if the surgeon you’re seeing doesn’t work out…Keep strong, you’ve done well so far, & seem to be on the right track, there are doctors who can help you, just a case of finding the right one :hugs: