Eagle's or Hyoid Syndrome?

Ok, I have been struggling now for 8 months with tongue, throat, ear, and neck pain. I have had 3 CT scans, a MRI, and multiple ENT flex scopes, tonsil and tongue biopsied. On my right side, I am experiencing throat pain, (low in the throat) and I can't find out what is wrong and it's driving me crazy. I have noticed when I turn my chin up, my ear immediately starts hurting along with my throat. I seems to be hurting in low area of throat and base of tongue area. Would this be the area of styloid or the Hyoid bone? I seem to hurt more when I turn my head. However, I'm guarded with this prognosis because worried about throat cancer. My throat literally feels like strep but once again low in the throat. Anyone with info on either please let me know. To my understanding the styloid would be coming down in my throat and not poking up? Is that correct? So confused and want a diagnosis for this pain. Go back to my ENT tomorrow, but he seems as baffled as I am.

Thank you,

I had pain low in my throat and around my tongue (and in the top part of my mouth) and it turned out to be glossopharyngeal neuralgia, which was caused by my styloid hitting the glossopharyngeal nerve. The GN was cured with my Eagles surgery. I'm certainly not sure that's what you have, but your symptoms sound kind of similar to one of my first symptoms.

Was your pain a constant pain? Throbbing? It literally feels like something is poking me.

How were you diagnosed with Eagles? Also, how severe were your symptoms and how did this evolve if you don’t mind me asking. I’m so frustrated and in terrible pain. Can’t seem to get a doc to help.