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Hey Everyone, I’m sure you all know how difficult it is living with eagles. I’ve been battling this for 4 years now and my situation is a little different. I have a broken styloid process at the skull base and for now am doing steriod injections and looking for a PMNR that can possibly help me. That being said during this time I use to be a fiber optic technician / property manager that is now too physically demanding due to my condition. I was wondering if anybody here may know if any companies or have any referrals that they may kniw of allowing remote work. If you have any suggestions im open to any postion.

So sorry that you’re having to give up work , I hope that you can find something less physically demanding :pray:
Have you looked at our doctors list recently, there might be some new additions? Surgery isn’t an easy decision I know but is the only permanent treatment…
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That’s rough, @Cdbruce. I recall you were scheduled to see Dr. Hackman. I’m curious why you’ve decided against surgery for the time being?

I’m sorry I can’t help with job suggestions but hopefully you’ll get some good ideas from others on our forum!

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