Eagle's Syndrome and Thyroid Malfunction

Hi guys, I noticed some of you have thyroid issues in addition to the calcification of your styloids. I too have had the surgeon call me and say they found a large nodule on the right side of my thyroid and they did an ultrasound and now want to biopsy it for cancer because of it’s size which will be the week after Christmas. The Drs all seem to think it’s completely unrelated. Well, through this process I have a friend with ES as well and he just had to have a nodule on his thyroid biopsied as well on Monday because it’s growing bigger. Since the parathyroid glands are responsible for calcium levels, how can this not be an underlying factor? Also, I do have an aunt that had to have her thyroid removed and my maternal grandmother had to have a large goiter removed from hers so there are genetic issues here.

How many of you either have thyroid issues of any kind and/or have thyroid problems in family members? Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

I feel like my thyroid is damaged ct showed enlarged lymph nodes but wasn’t enough to biopsy did there Thyroid removal help or cause worse symptoms ?

I just received my neck ct results and have a calcified nodule in my thyroid as well. It’s very disconcerting. But after reading all of the threads on this discussion group, it doesn’t seem like it’s uncommon with ES sufferers? I, too, would love to hear from others regarding this issue. Thank you.

Ive had styloidectomy on both sides and too have a thyroid nodule. 4mm 4yrs ago. I havent been back.

Thank you for your feedback! Deleone, my grandmother that had the goiter was in her elder years when it was removed do is hard to say since she has passed away. I found out my aunt actually refused the removal. She was on medicine for years that didn’t help her hypo thyroidism and they finally opted to remove the entire thyroid and she refused, so her weight went way up and eventually she died of a heart attack due to the weight, per my cousin’s memory.

Danya, I know you probably don’t want to hear this but you need to ultrasound that nodule at least annually. While thyroid cancer is rare, it’s still a gamble! Just concerned for you is all :wink:

I really do appreciate the feedback. I plan to never give up trying to figure out why ES occurs. There is an underlying cause that’s more than post tonsillectomy and head trauma patients and I’m determined to find out what it is!

Interesting observation…I have Graves Disease, treated with radioactive iodine, but also had some nodules that were biopsied and negative for cancer. I kind of wondered if my thyroid issue had somehow played a part in developing Eagles syndrome. I also fell and hit the back of my head really hard on a door jam about the same time as my thyroid issues came up…I too would like answers to why this happened, but will probably never know for sure. If there were a lot more patients with this, I am sure someone could do a study, but we are pretty unique in our quest to feel better! Best wishes to all…

I will get in there for sure. Thank you (:

I had thyroid cancer diagnosed along with parathryoid disease, days before I went to my ENT and pointed to the knot in my tonsil bed. I had the knot for years and it kept getting bigger. Surgery first for the parathyroid tumor and total thyroidectomy. Then getting one dose of Radioactive Iodine and adjusted to taking thyroid supplementation and two years and 2 months later I had the Eagles surgery. Like you, I am convinced they go together. Somehow, I believe that our body starts allowing too much calcium in our blood and not regulating it. Hyperthyroidism is also known to cause high blood calcium. Since the glands are so close, I am sure that they have a role, but medical science has not gotten that far yet.