Eagle's Syndrome recognized as a disability for pension purposes

I would like to know if any member has received a disability pension or award from the Canadian Department of Veterans Affairs or the Canadian Government for Eagle's Syndrome. Thanks once again. Maureen

Hi Maureen,

Can you give me some more details? Do you have actual proof (weblink, article) that the government has given one to any Canadian or are you asking if we know if this has happened? If the GOC officially recognizes Eagle Syndrome, then maybe I can get the bloody doctors out here to actually read a description of it. All they keep saying is "I've never even heard of Eagle Syndrome before", but when I give them descriptions and Medical articles published about it, they just seem to put up the "Hypochondriac Protective Shield" and change the subject. I wonder if Tommy Douglas is turning over in his grave considering the state of our health care system and the dismissive, short sighted, "flat earth" attitude of the medical professionals.

Hope you are having better luck out there.

Red Pill

Hi there, thanks for your reply. I am asking if anyone knows if the Government of Canada or the Department of Veterans Affairs have ever recognized Eagle's Syndrome as a disability for pension purposes. I appreciate your support. Maureen