Eagles Syndrome mentioned on The Good Doctor series Monday night Feb 10

Several years ago some members tried to get Eagles syndrome on Dr Oz. I am watching the series Good Doctor from Mondayy Feb 10 they actually mentioned Eagles syndome as a rare disease discovered in a patient. They took it out intraorallly and the storyline was more about the doctors themselves than the surgery, but still good to see it mentioned on TV. Hope it gets more media attention in a more medical sense.


Interesting that you mention this TV show, emma, as we just admitted a new member who saw that show & felt that her undiagnosed symptoms aligned w/ what was discussed about ES on TV. See! It’s already helping someone “out there”.


Yes, Godsblessing saw it too, good publicity!

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I watched it on Hulu. It was good, but of course misleading in someways in the way it was handled. Still - AMAZING to have it on mainstream TV


I saw it too. I think it is amazing that a rare disease got such detailed coverage on a national network! Rare disease day is Feb 29 so it nice they put this episode on in Feb. It has been my dream and sincere desire to educate as many people and physicians as possible. This was a wonderful way to open dialogue for a lot of people. I wish they used more varied symptoms but it is a tv show. They still talked about it in pretty good detail including options to correct it.


Luckily I had set the show to tape and behind on new season. Although I thought it a bit lacking in detail and vain to choose intra-oral vs external approach the way they portrayed it. They didnt really go into how you can see more and access more with less complications with the external approach. Yes, misleading and going for a more dramatic punchline. Nevertheless great to see a light shown on this and with as much detail as they did.


Hi Earmom. I finally got rid of my styloids. I have some neck issues that we are trying to treat. Nice to know you are still around.