Ear and eye pain/ facial symptoms that improved?

Does anyone have ear and eye pain? Mine is all on left side and alternates from left throat to ear to eye and is severe sometimes. Sometimes feels like stabbing in eye or someone is pushing it out. It also hurts when I swallow on my left side a lot. Also feels worse when I have reflux. I’m just so afraid to have surgery and all these symptoms stay or else I have worse ones like facial drooping and paralysis/pain. Any positive or similar experiences appreciated

I had the constant aching type of nerve pain in all 3 branches of the Trigeminal nerve, & this was worsening before surgery, as well as getting more tingling & numbness on my face & jaw, which was worrying. I still get some aching in my teeth & jaw, & other twinges, but it’s definitely improved. The numbness & tingling have stopped, so very pleased about that.
If the sort of nerve symptoms you’re getting are caused bt irritation from the styloids, then this won’t improve without surgery, & could worsen to the point of being permanently damaged. So the worries & risks of surgery have to be weighed against the symptoms you have, & whether they’re getting worse. It’s a tricky decision sometimes, but if you are able to have surgery with an experienced surgeon, then that will lower the risk.

Hi Swoo,

As Jules noted, the eye, throat & ear pains are likely coming from an irritated trigeminal nerve. Additionally throat pain & reflux-like issues can be the result of an irritated vagus nerve. Only getting the styloids removed will resolve the irritation of these nerves, yet, you’re right…no one can say 100% that everything will go away post op.

As far as permanent nerve damage from surgery goes, it is a risk, but in my opinion, a worthwhile risk to take. If you go to a very experienced surgeon who monitors the nerves during surgery the risks of permanent damage & the likes of lip/facial droops & paralysis of any sort are drastically reduced. Not only that but our bodies are made to heal themselves & they do a good job of that. Nerve repair can be slow though so patience is always key after ES (or any) surgery.

I will never regret having had two ES surgeries. What I lost was debilitating symptoms. What I gained was the ability to live my life normally again. The residual problems I have from surgery are nothing compared to what ES did to me.

I hope this is helpful insight for you.


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Hi Swoo,
I had ear pain, throat discomfort, and lots of tingling in my face across the jaw, check and eye area. All of these symptoms were vastly improved with surgery. Also, I did have some of the post-surgical facial drooping you mentioned but it improved just about to normal within a few months.

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