Ear issues in addition to tinnitus

After finding out the cause of most of my ear, throat, neck pain was ES, I tried thinking back to the first symptoms. I can remember when I was in the military boarding a C130 and being next to one of the turbo prop engines with no hearing protection, after that exposure I noticed crackling and what sounded like a “shorting out” / distortion of sounds, if they were loud enough.

I’ve also had a periodic thumping sound, accompanied by a spasm sensation inside my ear and throat.

I guess it makes sense the thumping sound is a stapedius muscle spasm, causing the stapes to tap on the oval window. Its innervated by the facial nerve, which is effected by ES.

In addition to that I’m very sensitive to loud noises and they evoke a fight or flight response, basically I get an adrenaline drop from loud noises.

I’ve read the tensor tympani muscle is what protects the ear from loud sound and that is controlled by the trigeminal nerve, so it fits with ES as well.

Does this ring true for anyone? Good thing ES doesn’t effect the creation of puns…

:joy: :woman_facepalming: terrible pun!
But yes, being sensitive to loud noise is quite common, here’s a link to a discussion about it:


Hi sigmet25 -

I did appreciate your pun… :clap:
I can hear a “crackling”, electric, almost lightning bolt type sound in my left ear some mornings just when I’m waking up. Never hear it during the day. I keep forgetting to ask my ENT (Dr. Samji’s associate) what might cause it. I have Meniere’s Disease in my left ear so am dealing w/ that in the aftermath of ES. For the record it wasn’t directly caused by ES. I am also very sensitive to loud noises in that ear & sounds that enter are often distorted. I also have trouble understanding speech w/ that ear. I am thankful, however, that my right ear hears just fine.

Good job on researching the potential causes of your hearing symptoms. I think you’ve “hit the nail on the head.”

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Thank you, looks like this problem has been worked before

Isaiah_40_31, I’m glad to hear Dr Samji and the other ENTs that work with him are familiar with the multitude of issues I’m having before hand. I still worry about revealing too much information to doctors, fearing I may appear neurotic.

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It’s a bit of a balance; explaining enough to show you need surgery, but not coming across as neurotic as you say…

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