Hey I am very worried I was diagnosed with es and I have this constant ringing in my head and ears I have to have a hearing test next Wednesday before my first specialist appointment on Thursday is there any link as it’s driving me crazy I can’t hear at all in my right ear and left is fussy hope someone can give me any info or help on what to do it’s even harder that I have 2 babies I can barely hear cry, I am barely sleeping I need help :’( doctors don’t really know what to do I’m first patient ever of his to have had this so he doesn’t know how to help

Although I am not experiencing the ringing in my ears, I get the mom part and the responsibilities you have. I have 2 sons w Autism and its more than a fulltime job for me and ES makes it more difficult. What I do is surrender to all that is happening to me and pray that God help me plus getting a little help form others really works too. I hope everything gets better for you. Hang in there.

Poor you- it must be really hard with little ones to look after, and Marci too. If you can't get to sleep with the tinnitus, have you tried some relaxing music with headphones, or is it too loud to be drowned out like that?

I have pretty much constant tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus too, which is annoying. I get a lot of earache and pressure in my ears, and have lost some hearing in my left ear (the worse side for ES symptoms), but at the same time which is really weird I'm overly sensitive to sudden loud noises too. My (teenage!) sons come home from high school and seem so loud as soon as they get in the door- I'm constantly shushing them, and feel bad about it, but it's painful when they're that loud.

ES symptoms are weird!!!

I hope that you can get some help, and it would be interesting to know if those with successful surgeries have had this improve?

I had very bad ringing in my ears along with Eagle’s symptoms on one side. The other side is calcified (the ligament) and the styloid is long but not as long as the side that was causing me symptoms. I had surgery 3 mo after the symptoms started and my doctor told me that it would not help the ringing in my ears. Now that I’ve had surgery the ringing is just faint and I don’t even notice it anymore unless it is really quiet.the only other thing that could possibly have helped would be the Pamelor 10 mg the oral surgeon I first saw with my symptoms put me on because he thought originally I had trigeminal nerve disorder.I stayed on it because my neurologist wanted me to take it to prevent migraines but it seems that it was the surgery that helped because a couple of days after surgery it was sinificantly better. I understand how you are feeling it is very hard when the doctors say they can’t do anything or surgery won’t help.

Thanks all it is now 12:20 am in. The morning and I can not sleep the ringing is that bad right now all I can seem to do is cry nothing left for me to do about it my worst side is my right the side that is my worst which I have no hearing what so ever in… I can not handle it can’t take to much pain killers or I won’t be able to wake up to my babies it feels like I’m going to have a break down I’m just not coping it’s getting that bad I just want to spew and this site is the only place I can find anyone that knows even remotely how I feel no one else does or cn imagine what’s happening to me, I haven’t even seen a specialist yet so not even sure f surgery is an option yet I mean I’m 23 years old this shouldn’t be happening to me can none tell me why I’m getting this or why it’s happened to me I’m sorry for venting on here like this I just dn now what else to do or who to turn too again I’m really sorry

Sending you a great big hug- it's not enough but it's all we can do....I wish I was near you and could help you with your babies. Is there no-one who can help ?

Please feel free to vent, we do understand.

God Bless; I'm praying for you x

I had sudden hearing loss in my right ear which h is not a typical symptom of eagles