Embrace scar therapy

these embrace scar therapy were amazing wanted to share them. I wore them for 8-12 weeks post op and put two tegaderm over them. I’m very pale and breakout easily and didn’t have any keloid or purple scarring from the surgery. I think the main credit goes to dr Hepworth for his amazing work, but he was surprised how well it healed with my skin tone. I always wear sunscreen also.


Thank you for the recommendation! I can’t even tell where your incision was - just looks like your neck crease. You really healed well, & I’m sure the Embrace silicone strips & tegaderm were helpful.


Thanks for sharing that! Your scar looks great! :hugs:

Thanks for sharing this! Did you start using them right after surgery or did you have to wait a certain amount of time for the incisions to heal?


Looks impressive. Did surgeon put these on after your surgery or did you apply them yourself to the wound later on? Curious how soon they can be used post surgery. Thanks. D