Post-OP surgery suggestions

For my upcoming surgery in 2 weeks. Can someone please list some suggestions on what i need to do, like what cream to use for the scar and how to ensure a better recovery?

Thanks :).

I used vitamin E oil and just gently rubbed the area when the scar was healed enough. It’s barely noticeable after 6 months. The best advice I can give is give yourself time to heal. Take it easy and don’t rush it. Good luck!

Thank you, i appreciate the suggestions. I wonder if we should a stickied thread for post-op suggestions.

Ken, you can use Mederma too for the scar. My doctor told me to use the kind with sunscreen. But he also told me not to use it right away - he said to wait - I think it was a month or two before using it.

And I agree - rest to give your body the chance to heal. Some people went out walking around right after their surgeries and then suffered for it.