ES and eye tests

Just wanted to ask has anyone found they had changes in retina from ES ? (found during an eye test). It appears a photo of my retina has shown compression may be from ES. I will be presenting this too GP along with dental xray showing a lovely picture of bilateral elongated styloids process. Then requesting ?? referral to neuro vascular surgeon or further CT contrast scans to show calcification ? and how long they measure ? what are people’s thoughts any helpful tips ?? Thankyou x

Caz, I’m sorry that your post got missed… how are you? I know that if there’s increased pressure inside the head (Intra-cranial Hypertension), which can sometimes be cause by styloid processes compressing the jugular veins, then that can compress the optical nerves & cause eye problems, is this what they’re thinking?
If you haven’t got anywhere, then a CT with contrast would show the styloids and any compression of blood vessels.
Again, apologies for missing your post.

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