Informative case report for vascular ES!po=25.0000

Thanks teo- this is a really good article, explaining symptoms. Why can't doctors read these? I was told that styloids wouldn't press onto blood vessels by the first consultant I saw, and I think we'd all agree that's rubbish! I'd love to see his face when he opens the letter my second consultant sent him detailing the jugular vein compression both sides....!

I was also told by all the docs that vascular issues are not possible.
I will take this report to my next appointment. As a layperson I will get a head-shake answer, but anyway I have no other choice because I am the one at home with my problems and not the docs!

Yes, I printed off pages of similar research so I was prepared should the CT venogram I'd had not shown anything, but luckily it showed a lot of compression both sides, so the stuff I'd printed wasn't needed- and the new consultant I've seen is slightly more aware of ES complications.

Sorry, I can't remember where you're at- what scans / tests etc. have you had for a diagnosis?

Hi Jules
Before the ES diagnosed I had MRI of brain, MR soft tissues of neck/throat and MR angio of neck arteries(MR doesn’t show styloid ligament).
After the diagnosis I had only a swallowing analysis with a kind of X-Ray (videofluoroscopy) don’t know how it’s called in English.

I didn’t had a CT or a CT with contrast.
Although I have severe dizziness the ENT meant I have to wait, surgery is not a easy one and it leads not always to success. I think he is not willing to do the surgery.
I am just waiting and don’t know really what to do. I am afraid of a stroke :frowning:
I will try to visit an angiologist and ask for a CT with contrasts but it depends on his decision. I can not order as patient.

Thank you for asking and wish you good luck for your surgery!!!

Thanks, and good luck to you with your further tests, hope you can find a surgeon.