ES effect on eye sight or vision

I feel there’s some relation between vision and ES and so is why I have been feeling blurred sight since I have got this .

Eye problems aren’t uncommon symptoms of ES. I had lots of pressure behind my left eye before I had my styloid shortened. Some days the pressure was so bad it felt like it was going to push my eyeball out of the socket. There are members on this site who’ve had vaious different eye troubles as ES symptoms. There are many nerves & some major vascular tissues in the area where the styloids reside & depending on the angle in which the styloids are growing, they can put pressure on some of those nerves/veins or arteries which in turn causes the ES symptoms we experience.

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I too had pressure behind my eyes and blurred vision worse on waking some mornings. Now that my bilateral eagles are post op I still need reading glasses but don’t have the pressure behind my eyes.