ES leading to scalp herpes.!?

Recently,since a few months,i have srarted having small eruptions on my scalp,transparent,fluid less,painless,mildly itchy but visubly disturbing.when diagnosed it turned out to be Herpes/warts like growth on the scalp.could this be a symptom of vascular ES?does anybody else experienced a similar symptom?or is it something typical of a particular physiology… or stress condition.

Hi Mike_hunter,

You’re definitely the first person I know of who’s having that problem. I would bet it’s more stress related than ES related though anything is possible w/ ES. The vascular compression caused by ES doesn’t affect circulation to the scalp that I know of. The symptoms for vascular compression are more brain related i.e. intracranial hypertension, migraines, passing out, vertigo, light-headedness, etc., & occasionally may produce some heart symptoms though those are usually a function of vagus nerve compression/irritation.

To clarify about a possible ES component, there could be enough stress on your body from ES that your immune system isn’t fully functioning & thus you’re slightly more predisposed to picking up odd things that your body would normally fight off. It sounds like you’ve seen a dermatologist & hopefully are being treated to help the herpes infx heal.

Thanks Isaiah,for your concern and assurance.hope its the one thing that you also suspect the stress related or immunity related.However,i will definitely try to ease out the stress.thanks.

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