Referral to UTHSC San Antonio vs Dr. Newman

I have an appointment to get evaluated by a doc at UTHSC in San Antonio. He is an oral surgeon. I am leary about getting the surgery there.

Yall recommend Dr. Newman, ENT in SA. I have to make a decision as to who does my surgery. I want feedback from those that have had their surgery done by Dr. Newman in SA, TX

I saw Dr Newman and he was pretty good with me. Im styloid free today. This was almost one year ago.

Newman snipped my styloids about 3 cm back and I never had those pains like I once did long ago. I can send you before and after CT scans if you want.. also my scar is on my neck line so you cant even notice it.. like seriously no one will ever know you have had neck surgery unless you tell them that's how well the scar is hidden.


Although I am technically cured from ES by the works of Newman, I think there is one caveat I should tell you about. Even though I wasn't his first ES patient he literally told me " I think ES is a bullshit diagnosis". Now I know that sounds off putting LOL and I am not trying to paint the guy the wrong way- because hes is a light spirited and very friendly Dr. who was actually willing to hear me out. But in the beginning at least, he was admitting that his surgery may not work, In my case it did - I no longer feel this painful stabbing, pinching, pulling sensation in my neck; no longer feel this weight on my throat when I swallow nor these rushes of light headedness and eye pain and so on. I felt the relief immediately after my surgery. I guess what I am trying to say is that He is a very good doctor and did a fairly good job for what I asked of him however, if you want the very best I am sure there are other forum members that have suggested Dr.s that do this all day and have a long track record of ES surgeries. In the End if you are looking for a Viable local Texas based solution Newman would be a safe bet. looking for the best of the best Dr.s who do this more often - you will defiantly need to be prepared to travel and spend more money. If you have the time and financial flexibility I would say go for the latter but overall my experience with Dr. Newman was positive.

The bad part about this is that i have medicaid. Most will cringe when they see it. If Newman is already not a fan, he may not be to happy about my insurance situation. Makes for a scary situation.

Wounder if anyone has has had the surgery done by a doc at UTHSC. Traveling may be a difficult option.

I honestly don't know if he takes Medicare or not

And to be clear when he told me that it was during our initial meeting. I met with him several times and even a post appt weeks after surgery and he appeared to have changed his attitude towards it.

wow, ok...I hadn't seen your last message...I am glad to hear he changed his attitude towards it...I am going to go to UTHSC to at least get dx.... I will call Dr. Newman's office tomorrow...Thanks.

ok make sure you get the CT scan of the Neck ...cant really see it under MRI. Ask the radiologist for a copy of the CD ( usually free) and if you need help Identifying the Styloid i can help you. I'm glad I demanded a CD copy because my radiologist completely missed the ES I had to call him and give him the reference frame from the images on the CD so he could verify..

I called Dr. Newman's office and they DO take Medicaid...yayy!! so now I am just waiting on the dx by UT....Im sure I can bypass UT but im not sure if I should do that. I figure get dx from there and go to Newman to get the surgery. I have the 3D scan from the dentist already but cant dl it on here since my cd player is messed up. May just go to the library to dl on here.

Dentist did the scan on the neck? Typically they just scan the teeth. Sometimes they do the panoramic scan which is usually crap. local ENT or DR should be able to order the CT of the neck. I had to call my local 2-3 times a day just to get him to agree. shoot me a direct msg if you want my # I can go over more things with you if want.

Dentist who have the 3D scan can do the scan, I have one and you can see everything.

I am experiencing what I believe to be Eagle’s syndrome but I have been scared off by no one really wanting to make a diagnosis. I would like to know for sure and if I am suffering from Eagle’s I want to get surgery and have it treated effectively… I would love to discuss this further with you please let me know…

Hi Nick,

It’s been 4 years since TexasNani has posted anything on here. There’s a chance she may not respond, but I hope she does. It would be good to know how she’s feeling now.

P.S. Just realized you weren’t addressing TexasNani. Sorry 'bout that!

Sure no prob anytime.

Just would like to compare notes on what I’m experiencing sometime if you have a chacne

TexasNani is correct, the 3D dental pan am shows everything you need - best way to diagnose Eagle Syndrome in my opinion and I think much less expensive and less scary.

That said, there is likely a reason that the surgeons who do ES surgery prefer CT scans. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree the surgeons need the CTs and MRIs prior to surgery…I was just talking about diagnosis. Those 3D dental pan ams give you a picture much like the ones posted by several members made by all that slicing.

My CT scan included 4 3D images along w/ all the slices & a diagnosis. If a radiologist knows what to look for, diagnosing ES should be fairly straightforward. It would be nice if all radiology labs included 3D images to go along w/ the slices. I don’t know why they don’t.