Experienced ENT in Houston or Texas

I live near Houston and trying to find Dr That deals with Eagle’s Syndrome. Thank you for any info, greatly appreciated!!

Hi Amy,I went to see Dr Donovan in Houston Tx, I’m from Houston too…I discuss the surgery with him,and he say he will not take the whole thing out,he will leave the normal size behind,so I decide to go see Dr Samji (California) I have seen people here in the board say that he is really good. I will be sending my CT Scan and report to him on Monday, let see how that goes…hope you find some one closer to home :wink:

Thank you for the reply. For the past 5 years, I have been dealing with debilitating pain. I am nervous to have someone operate on me that Eagle’s isn’t their expertise. I am seeing an oral surgeon in conroe after oral/facial pain saw my ct scan and could see how long my styloid bones are. I cannot get over he fact it’s been 6 years of chronic debilitating pain. I have adrenergic pots: BP/Heart rate issues, so I am wondering if Eagles is causing it. If vascular, I am willing to travel out of state to find the most specialized Eagle’s surgeon. I was diagnosed with Vascular thoracic Outlet syndrome that was causing an subclavian aneurysm on my left side. I went to a local dr and regret ever
Since. Lesson learned.

Good luck Amy and Nani. I am so glad you both found this forum.

Thx Emma :)… Amy I send my report to Dr Samji (California) let see what he says when he sees my CT Sacan, waiting time… How are you doing,have you find any one closer to home?

What have been your symptoms? How do Drs know if Eagle’s is Vascular type? I have low BP and take midodrine. I’m wondering if this is pressing on my carotid artery, trigger low BP or high and low heart rate. Plus my symptoms have been occipital neuralgia, Ménière’s disease (or was fluid built up from styloid bones taking up too much room. Also, neck bilateral pain with looking down. Then pain radiates down to trap to shoulder down arm. My son’s ENT said it will always be on one side not both?!?!

Amy, we've heard other doctors before say that Eagles can only be on one side - but that is absolutely not true. Many of us on the forum had problems on both sides. Many of us had to have surgery on both sides to get relief.

I have it both side too… My symptoms, I don’t have facial pain,I have pain in my ears but is not all the time,I have the feeling of something stuck in my throat, I have the problem with swallowing my saliva, and feeling like my fingers and toes want to cramp up ( I don’t kw if that’s a symptom of ES)…I don’t kw if my ES is vascular.

Thank you for the replies!!! Glad to know I am smarter than what the ENT was making me feel like. I wish we could put our past doctors on a game show and call it “Are you smarter than your patients!!”" HAHAHAHAHA!

I wish we could put our past doctors on a game show and call it "Are you smarter than your patients!!"" HAHAHAHAHA!


I sure would like to nominate a couple docs for that show.