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Looking through the articles, I came across Horner Syndrome and looked it up. Thankfully I don’t have persistent difference in pupil size but I did have an incident where I woke up one morning in Oct 2021 and my left eye pupil was smaller than the right. I was going to go to eye ER if it continued but it went back to normal after a couple hours. Anyone else have weird eye symptoms?

I have Horner’s Syndrome in my right eye. One hypothesis is that it is caused by the elongated styloid compressing the carotid sheath. It will be interesting to see if it resolves once I get my styloids out.

Are you planning to go stateside for surgery or have you found someone in Ontario?

I see a surgeon here next week . If they offer surgery I will be doing it with them. I will only share the name after surgery.


thank you. It may help to ask timeline, surgical approach ( is it extra oral?) and how much styloid they plan to leave if you are offered surgery

That’s rough for you; I’d not heard of that, but we have had quite a few members have had the dropping eyelid following surgery from nerve irritation but not sure that it’s been mentioned much beforehand…I hope for you that it does resolve, & best wishes for your appt next week, let us know how you get on…

I saw it in one of the articles I found in one of the threads. Interesting…
Atypical presentation of Eagle syndrome with hypoglossal nerve palsy and Horner syndrome

you may want to check into Vagus nerve issues. I may be mistaken but i think i saw something about this in one of Dr. Hausers videos about the vagus nerve.

Thanks I’ll look it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few nerves are involved. Cheek numbness, different pupil dilation, dizziness, heart palpitations, weird high blood pressure episodes even though it’s been low normal all my life, to name a few.

Fun fun…

Thanks for that; I’ve posted it into the Research Papers category as well so others can read it :smiley:

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Yes i’ve had all of those same symptoms. Other than the pupil issues. i figured it was Vagus nerve, facial nerve, trigeminal nerve and there is a chance the SAN (Spinal accesory nerve) is involved as well - voice issues could be Vagus or SAN.

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thank you for article and sharing about research papers category . This group helps, the support is amazing