Fast heart rate post op

Hi everyone. I just had my 2nd external surgery done with cognetti. I am a bit concerned as my heart rate seems high. Tomorrow will be 1 week post op. Right after surgery my heart rate seemed okay. Now yesterday and today my resting heart rate is over 100. Is this something to be concerned? I am very worried.

The styloid processes can irritate the vagus nerve, so maybe yours has been a little irritated- trouble is the more you think about something like that, the anxiety can make your heart rate go up! It’s good that it was fine after surgery, so I’m guessing it’ll settle fine. Might be worth a check-up if it does stay high though.
I don’t remember anyone else ever mentioning it post-surgery, but maybe others can chip in. Hope otherwise everything else is going okay with your healing?

Thank you Jules. Other than the recent heart rate issues ive been somewhat okay. I didnt take any pain meds. I had a withdrawal issue when i removed the anti nauses patch. It made me very sick…dizzy, naushis. So i didnt eat or drink much for a couple days then almost passed out on the way home yesterday. But i have been drinking and eating since we got home yesterday. Im trying to rest and relax but my heart beating so fast its hard to relax here. And now its making me nervous. My heart rate was finally doing well after my first surgery. I hope this surgery didnt mess it up :cry:

My heart rate was up intermittently post surgery. It started approx. the fifth day post op. My doctor advised me not to drink caffeine. I went to a different doctor a few weeks later and at the time my pulse was 135 beats per minute so my doctor sent me to the hospital to rule out DVT ( everything was alright). I am now waiting for a 24hour heart monitor. That said I feel that my heart rate has settled down now. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery x :grinning:

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Oh wow. I wonder why the high heart rate happens. Thats when it started for me too at day 5 post op. :frowning: its scaring me. When did ur rate start to settle down ? How long after surgery?

I just came to the ER. For fast heart rate, chest pains and palputations. I hope they dont dismiss me bc noone knows about eagle syndrome. This is horrible. I am so tired of struggling.

Poor you, I hope that they get it sorted out soon, let us know how you get on, praying for you… :hugs: :pray:

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Thank you. The ER is no help. They said they dont treat eagle syndrome. And my heart rate is high but they dont know why. So i had compression of the left jugular vein. Now that the eagles bone was removed i havent heard my heartbeat in my ear as often. I did hear it a couple times. This just happened 1x here and when i heard my heart beat (compression) my heart rate went down. And then it went back up again. So now i am lead to believe the decompression of the jugular vein is affecting my heart rate. The hospital is no help. I dont know what to do. I am shaking bc my heart is racing so fast and fluttering.

I’m sure that this will settle down soon; you had a very skilled surgeon. It’s more than likely the vagus nerve having been irritated by surgery, or possibly that you have swelling still which is affecting it. If there was a heart problem I’m sure it would’ve been picked up on an ECG. I hope that this settles soon- thinking of you… :hugs:

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