11 days intraoral post op and starting to feel a little better. Yay!

Hi everyone…last time I posted I was not in my happy place. I am pleased to say I am starting to feel a little better. I am still having cardiac complications from the surgery but the pain from the actual surgery is starting to be very doable. I have been eating normally now for aboutn3-4 days…still some discomfort and all the stitches are still in place but the angry inflammation is certainly settling. Now just to get my heart to settle down. It is possible that all the inflammation of the surgery has made the vagus nerve do its thing for a little longer even theough the styloid is not pressing on it now…but that is only a thought process…we haven’t really discovered why my heart went into meltdown and is still in meltdown since the surgery…it is improving though. As far as the pain and symptoms I had pre surgery with the eagles, I’m still not sure if if it has gone away as I am still haing throat discomfort and ear and jaw pain…but given it is only 11 days I probably have to give it more time to assess. The one thing I have noticed is that I am no longer in such anbrainfog and although I still feel unwell, I definitively have more energy and am sleeping sounder. I’m still haing temperature regulation issues but even that has lessened…so I’m hoping as each day goes on, I will be able to report more improvements. I still have to have the right side done but given how fresh this surgery is and how smooth sailing it hasn’t been for me, I probably will wait for a while to put myself through this again…for a little while anyway…eagles on that side is not quite as bad as the left side was so I have a bit of time to get used to doing it again. Love and light to everyone. X

Best wishes for swift and complete recovery. Glad you are doing better. Less than 2 weeks, this is good. 6 weeks minimum to start feeling well, usually pretty good by 3 months or 12 weeks and up to 9-12 months possibly for all healing, so you seem to be doing well and have no reason to be worried except for the heart meltdown and maybe that could be as you believe.