Feel like ive been posting to much didnt want to share again but here it goes

They don’t hold much weight I hired a radiologist off fiverr to make a report. they’re much longer according to him. do you know what hes talking about with the smaller capiliers in c1-c5 on the left.


First off, there is no such thing as too much posting on this forum. We’re here to support you if that is via one post or 100. You have many questions right now so please feel free to ask away!

In these images, it’s much easier to see what’s going on than in the first ones you posted.

The mention of the left IJV being of smaller caliper means it’s smaller/narrower than the right IJV which is your dominant IJV (i.e. your body relies on the right IJV to drain the blood out of your brain more than the left one). Since the right & left IJVs are both compressed, the blood can’t leave your brain at the rate it needs to in order to keep the correct level of blood in your brain. It’s through the carotid arteries that blood flows into your brain & it flows back out in constant circulation through the IJVs.

I hope what I wrote makes sense to you. There are many discussions on our forum about this. Use the magnifying glass icon to search IJV compression & many discussions will be listed for you to read.

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@Cazmagic - I didn’t see this before when I looked at your images, but in the 3rd pic, your C-1 vertebra appears to be slightly tilted toward the left. It could be the position of your head (slightly off center) when the imaging was done, but we have occasionally seen other’s images with a similar situation, & I think all of them have had IJV compression. I see mention that your digastric muscles are contributing to your vascular compression. This is also something that happens so the muscles are sometimes partially removed to take pressure off the vascular system. Both the tilt of C-1 & the comment about the digastric muscles are things you could talk to Dr. Osborne about.

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Agree, this is a very difficult condition and for some people this forum is the only outlet/support they have. Post as much as you like.

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