Opinions on these Scans

Okay so I know no one is a doctor here, but I finally have access some of my scans. To me, its obvious there is jugular vein compression. However, it almost looks like the styloid is too far away to be causing the problems? What does everyone think? I just don’t want to get surgery and then the veins don’t open up! The side view almost makes it seem multiple vessels are getting crunched

Imho the pressure to the IJV on your scans comes not only from the styloid but from the C1 vertebrae process too.

Your head position in the scan makes it appear the transverse process of your C1 vertebra is causing more of the compression than the styloid. However, when your head position changes, it may be the styloid causing more of the compression. A common occurrence is the IJV becoming sandwiched in between the the styloid & C1 TP. Having the styloid removed is an “easier” surgery than having the C1 TP shortened & can produce an excellent result.

Yes, I agree that it looks like the styloid & C1 process are compressing it.

Thanks all! I just really didn’t want to have to have my C1 resected. Hoping removal of styloids would create room!!

I agree with others. One thing that is clear is that this is quite a bit of compression of the IJV. Must feel horrible! I hope you find a solution soon!

Yes I do! And the report for this CT says my styloids are normal length and not compressing any vessels! What a joke!

WOW! That’s unbelievable!! Second opinion is mandatory!!

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Samji received my scans and his assistant said he’s reviewing tomorrow! Moment of truth!!


FANTASTIC NEWS! Please let us know what you learn.

That is great! It is always so nice to get an expert opinion and that what you have been feeling is not all in your head. I cannot tell you how much I was relieved to get a phone call from his nurse confirming the diagnosis. This after struggling for 5 years and having my PCP tell me its all TMJ. Best of luck. I hope you get the same relief I got when I got the news.

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