Feeling discouraged!

Today has been tough. My symptoms have been especially bothersome today despite facing plenty of distractions at work. I have an appointment (consultation only) with a surgeon on the 24th and on the one hand I'm hopeful that I could get a definitive dx (so far, I have a tentative dx of ES) but on the other hand I'm worried I'll be dismissed without one. Because I reside so far from a large city, my consultation requires two flights, a hotel stay, and time off of work, not to mention being away from my family. If I'm told "there's nothing wrong..." I'll probably cry -- though to be perfectly honest, if I *get* a dx I'll probably cry, too, from relief...

Just feeling a little down this evening...

Well, you've come to the right place to sound off- I'm sure we've all felt like this at some point in our journey... It's a lot to go through for a possible diagnosis. I was so stressed before I saw the doctor, knowing what was going on but scared he wouldn't see it. Just getting as prepared as you can beforehand helped, and I kept a journal of what symptoms I was getting each day. Sometimes that can help identify if there's something you're doing to aggravate symptoms, and it helped me to remember everything going on. Heidemt gave me some good advice- stick to the main, more well known symptoms when telling doctors, and don't mention if you're getting weird ones as sometimes that can scare the doctors off!

So do as much research as you can, and print off stuff which backs up your case, like research mentioning different symptoms you get, and stuff about how the angle of the styloid processes can cause ES as well as the length. There's lots in the ES Info section. Your doctor who gave you the tentative diagnosis, so he'll have passed this on. It's easy to say I know (because I turn into a nervous, timid thing in front of doctors, and forget what I want to say!), but try to be assertive and stand up for yourself, and don't be fobbed off. The fact that you're having to travel so far for the appt. shows how much you need help, and hopefully the doctor will see that too.

Good luck, and I'll be praying for you!

Your gonna be made of Steel when this is done!