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I went to see another head and neck surgeon in the ENT department today to be told he thinks Eagle Syndrome is a hoax lol I had to ask him to repeat himself. He didn’t even examine me. How scary to think there are actually Doctors like him allowed to practice. I found a copy of my last two scans. One from 2008 and the other 2017 and it clearly states eagle syndrome. So what planet is he on. What a waste of a hospital appointment. He said most of my problems are from LPR and the acid coming up in to my throat.

That is truly sad. How can a doctor deny the clear findings & diagnosis given by a reputable radiologist? I hope you’re soon able to get in to see someone who’s a bit more well informed!

Unbelievable! As you say, a waste of everyone’s time… Have you got another doctor that you can see?

A bad, sad state of affairs. Some of these medicos all have their own opinions. My condition is not Eagles nor Eagles related but over the years I have seen numerous dr’s. Many have written my condition off, labelled it an overreaction or hypochondria. That was until they could do a scan and see the issue for themselves, but even now after having a concrete diagnosis I still have dr’s disagreeing with another dr’s diagnosis, as if to say “Well, I know better…”.

There are a few conditions that there still are some questionable diagnosis and that is understandable BUT to discredit another dr outright and then without actually examining the patient, I’d be questioning that particular dr’s professionalism. I may not do so publicly, but if a further appointment was needed I’d be requesting another practitioner.

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hard to get a doctor who loves doing his work, at least in India. They are there just for money, and would easily set you up with a psychiatrist if you insist that you got something.

I took computer science because i love it but now i regret not having taken medical science.

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That doctor would feel differently if the shoe was on the other foot.

I was showing my scan to some nurse friends today, and they were blown away with the clarity. They had never heard of ES before, but they could sure see the evidence.