I went to Dr. Delgaudio in Atlanta this week to find out that the two previous doctors have misdiagnosed . I Do not have Eagle's syndrome at all. I have LPR. A completely different diagnosis and treatment! much thoughts and prayers to all that are still struggling with ES and I do recommend Dr. Delgaudio in Atlanta if you can travel their to a doctor who knows about this syndrome!

I just looked up LPR and it's a condition that happens when people have reflux. When I first went to doctors about my pain, several of them told me the pain was from reflux. I know lots of people on the forum have been told initially their symptoms were from reflux also. It seems to be one of the most common things we're told. But if that's what you really have, then that's much better than having Eagles and I hope you are better soon.

I went to Dr. Delgaudio and he told me I didn't have Eagles either when it was later proved that I clearly did. He has a much more limited definition of what "true Eagles" is than any of the other Eagles doctor's I've seen.

I know he's helped some people on the forum though, so I hope he can help you too.

thank you for the reply. i will treat this as LPR first. no processes have been felt in my tonsil fossa thus far leading to believe it may just be LPR. i will do this for a week or two and see if it helps the symptoms.

I thought LPN or reflux for me at first also - negative test. I then went to Del Gaudio - it appears he doesn't believe in the vascular form of Eagles. I think he published an article on Eagles that supports his view. The CT scan I got throuh his office states that the styloid processes were equal in length but did not state the specific length. I went on to be Dxd with GPN. Then had MVD which has helped a bit but overall highly disappointing...still in bad shape. My symptoms fit the profile of Eagles better than anything else. So, I called the radiology clinic that did the report and the doc said 4cm on left and 3 cm on right. Also, I think the left styloid p is misaligned in my case. This can cause Eagles symptoms without then being long , etc.

LaMayBe59, Were the twp previous Docs ENTs? On what clinical basis did the two previous doctors Dx you with Eagles?

Thanks and good luck !


The very first ent i went to had said i did not have eagles also and said i had LPR although my contrasts ct scan showed and said u have eagles. I took the prescript antacids to only get some relife it took about a month i still could not swallow and had lump in throat. I went to Dr. In North Carolina and he said i have eagles. The thing with eagles is everyone has them but only 6% of people are asymptomic and get the symptoms of them.

Good luck on the reflux diagnosis. I do have reflux and I do have Eagles. In fact, it is my theory and my gastro doctor supports the theory that Eagles on the left side can cause reflux or gastric acid and peptic ulcers because the styloid on the left side can put pressure on the vagus nerve which wanders around into the stomach. In fact, in the past a branch of the vagus nerve in the stomach area would be cut to prevent peptic ulcers and also reduce acid reflux. As far as the Eagles causing the reflux, it is my theory, only. I have seen some articles that indicate it could be true and I know that my gastro removed a polyp from my stomach and my ear pain went away for quite some time, so I still believe it is possible. However, the Eagles pain does come back and I did have the styloid partially removed and my Eagles is pretty much gone. My reflux is under control with strict diet, but not gone. With some people acid reflux is not easily controlled and I am a believer that Eagles can only be cured with surgery. I may one day have a repeat surgery to see if they can remove the entire styloid and if my acid reflux is cured at that point, then I will be convinced that the styloid was pressing on the vagus nerve causing my problems. I doubt that I will ever know, though, because I will only have surgery if my ear pain comes back again with a vengeance.