Finally, a diagnosis!

I’ve been in pain for 6 months. We’ve heard the stories - saw lots of doctors, MRI, ENT, etc. Finally my dentist pointed out I have Eagle’s. I had been dealing with hearing loss for a few years now so this was bitter sweet, because hopefully I will fix my hearing!
I have an appt with a specialist at Emory in atlanta in 2 weeks. From everything I’ve read, I’m expecting to have surgery done. My question is: I’m in pain! My jaw, neck, cheek…it’s like someone punched me. I’m mostly surviving on 200mg Advil every 4 hours but I’m wondering if anyone has any other tips? Sleeping has been a nightmare. I’m laying with an ice pack on my face right now waiting for the pill to kick in. My poor liver, I’ve been at this for weeks now. CBD seems to help a bit, too. All tips welcome! What a stupid disorder. I can’t wait to feel normal again.

Hi, & welcome to the site!
There are nerve pain medications which can help- nerve pain can be a constant sort of aching or burning pain, or electric shock like pain, as the styloid processes can compress nerves. Medications like Gabepentin, Lyrica, Noritryptiline or Amitriptyline can be helpful; they don’t work straight away & it can take a while to get the medication or dose right. If you’re getting pain in your cheek it might help. Otherwise muscle relaxants like Baclofen can help, & one of our members found she could stick lidocaine patches on the painful places & that helped. Some members have had lidocaine & or steroid injections into the area while they do decide about surgery, but that has to be done by a doctor & often under ultrasound, so you may have to wait for that too!
Ice or heat helps, as you’ve been doing. Try sleeping semi-upright with a wedge pillow, & also a V shaped orthopaedic pillow I found really helpful as it can take the pressure off the sides of your neck.
I hope this helps; hang in there, it’s good that you’ve got a diagnosis & an appt. sorted, that’s alot of the battle!

Hi! Welcome! I’m from Georgia too! Who is your appointment with at Emory?

Hi I feel your pain I take tramadol during day and norotryplyn at night which helps with pain but im terrified of surgery as I don’t do well with anaesthesia but see no other option hope you get some relief soon x