Medical management for pain control

I have to see my PCP in a week to discuss pain management for Eagle’s pain. Ibuprofen, Tylenol and muscle relaxer not always making it tolerable. I find that the more I move my neck and do, the worse the pain, especially to sleep at night. Could I get some comments on what has worked for pain control. Thanks! Anyone use a nerve stimulator like a TENS unit?

I have tried physical therapy, TENS unit, Tylenol, Ibuprofen and none of them made any impact for me. Only muscle relaxers helped, but very minimally.

If the symptoms are nerve pain type issues, one of the medications for those may help. Neurontin helps some people, and some people are helped by the facial pain medications like nortriptyline or amitriptyline or others in that category.


These are only temporary; they do not cure the problem.

Yes, everything I have tried only masks the problem at best. So if you are in a lot of pain or discomfort, the only way to "fix" this is surgery.

So if you are in a lot of pain or discomfort, the only way to "fix" this is surgery.


This is so true. There are some of us however, who can't get surgery to fix it and have to rely on pain management. It's very frustrating and hard to deal with.

Thanks for all the comments. I now have a lot more empathy for people with chronic pain and the frustration and quality of life issues. I use a lot of music and mediation and Pinterest to divert my mind from the pain. Please, everyone take care of yourself. It is hard to not let the pain define you, but life is too short to not find some joy and work through the pain. Please keep the comments coming…it is so nice to have a group that actually understands the frustration and pain issues. I am kind of an alternative medicine person, and will keep up the quest to find some alternative ways to help and post what I find/find useful. One thing my acupuncturist suggest is an aromatherapy product called PatTense, made by doTerra. This helps me at night some when I can’t sleep… Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Has anyone tried a lidocaine infusion? I read an article that it worked on a woman in Japan and am thinking of getting one. Thanks.

April : I am not sure about an infusion, but my ENT did a lidocaine injection that temporarily helped, and then the next week did a steroid injection. I am 2 months out from the steroid injection, and it has helped, but I feel like it is wearing off. I will see him again in the next few weeks to see if he thinks he could do another injection. The steroid really helped with the pain I was having with eating and talking. Best wishes! This is temporary, of course, and surgery is what I am aiming for if I can get hooked up with someone that does it!

Thanks so much! Where did he inject? My ENT who I am seeing today, diagnosed me and has refused to do anything. I have to find someone who will, and ENT said he would tell a pain doctor what to do. Thanks and hope the shots keep helping.


I believe he said he injected in the tonsilar fossa under my lower jaw. I hope you are able to find some relief. I am going to my PCP tomorrow to talk about medicines that have been mentioned on this site that others found helpful. Best wishes!

Thanks Kay and good luck. Everyone on this site seems very pro surgery but I have had surgeries for other issues that have gone wrong and reading these discussions the eagles syndrome surgery does not seem to cure everyone at all. I read an article that steroids can really help and so can lidocaine. I need to find a doctor in NYC or nearby. If anyone knows one..

I wish everyone on this site pain relief!

Did you get the injection, if so where and what kind?

bella, this discussion was quite a few years ago so maybe the members aren’t responding to emails any more. I’ve not had an injection personally, but from what I’ve read on here, they’re usually given in the tonsillar fossa area, & can either be lidocaine, or steroids, or both together. Unfortunately the results do vary- some members have had good pain relief, others have been worse off afterwards. Whether it’s like surgery & depends on the skill of the doctors I’m not sure! The injections can only be given a few times as well if steroids are used.

Sorry, I don’t come on this site too often nor log in so I have not seen this thread. I used to get steroid and lidocaine injections in my neck. I have had it done both just in the doctor office with no imaging with my first ENT, and with CT and ultrasound with another ENT/surgeon. Safer to have it done with CT or ultrasound so they can see where they are going. An interventional radiologist did the injections with the imaging. For me, the injections gave me relief for about 3-4 months-not totally, but enough so I could have a better quality of life. The interventional radiologist would go in the tonsillar fossa for the injection, near the styloid-so it was deeper than when my local ENT did it I think more near a salivary gland. Hope this is helpful. Best wishes!

I received both lidocaine and the steroid injection in the neck by the tonsils fossa by an interventional radiologist using both CT and ultrasound guidance. Sorry for the delay in responding. I am not on this site very often. Best wishes!