Finally getting CT-Scan on april, 24

I am having a CT-Scan ((they wrote something about a contrast infusion too??) on april 24. It's a long time för me to wait because of all the negative thoughts tumbling around in my mind since the discovery of the bone pushing out in my throat behind my right tonsill.

I don't really know how I can survive psykologicaly untill I get the final results. I feel very anxious.

I had mine with contrast also. They told me it is a harmless dye and I received it via injection. I didn't notice any side effects. I had a SPECT scan once, and they use a radioactive substance for those studies. CT scan contrast is much safer. Good luck!

Hi ringbloman,
I had a ct w/contrast also and had no reactions. I, personally, am very sensitive to medicines, so I think you will be o.k. Please don’t be stressed or over anxious about this. It will only make you feel worse. Think of it has a positive thing. You and your doctor will have a complete view of what is actually going on with your styloids. A decision on treatment or surgery could be made from that scan. So don’t be scared about the results. Happy positive thoughts are being sent your way! Take care and God Bless you!

With Kind Thoughts,