FINALLY! I see the buggers in all their "glory"

I got my CT scan back. So relieved to know I’m not insane. Goodness knows when I’ll get to see ENT again with covid ramping up in Wales :expressionless:


HAPPY NEW YEAR, Rebeckett!

OH SO NASTY!! Quite a curve on that one & it’s very thick at the top. Is the other side also elongated? I do hope you can get on a list for surgery ASAP! Get yourself onto a cancellation list w/ the surgeon you’ve chosen & check often for cancellations. That will be your best chance at not waiting for another year for surgery. :heart: :partying_face:


The other side is exactly the same. You may be able to see it in this shot. I’ve no idea who may operate on me. Or even if they’ll agree to. Can’t wait for speak to my ENT :grimacing:

I can see it. YIKES!!! I hope your ENT is supportive & helpful!

They look nasty! No wonder you have symptoms!
Here’s a link to the Doctors List:
Doctor Lists – no discussion - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
Mr Cellan Thomas, University Hospital Wales, Heath, Cardiff (Max-Fac surgeon on Head & Neck Cancer team) has done surgeries, are you able to get a referral to him? Obvs Covid will delay things…

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Our member @Pumpkin lives in Wales & had a successful ES surgery there. You could send her a PM & ask whom she saw for surgery.

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I’ll mention him for sure when I go back to ENT. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes!
Thank you for your feedback. It means the world :grin: