Follow up from my CT scan

Went to the ENT doc today after having my CT scan last week. I explained all my symptoms including the earache, burning in throat, down neck and up to ear, the feeling I’m not swallowing properly and the bone in my throat… He eventually found it with his finger following doing an endoscopy but then said, everyone has styloids, it’s normal to have that anatomical structure, it could be longer but your CT scan doesn’t look like its any longer… I don’t get it!!! It’s poking in to my throat on one side, no sign of one on the other! He didn’t seem bothered when I Saudi was chronically suffering with earache! I’m on Citalopram for anxiety so his suggestion was he’ll write to my GP and ask her to change my meds over to Amatryptiline which can help with neuralgia? I asked him, could I have eagles and he said "we’ll have to wait for Radiologists report, we’ll arrange an appointment in 3 months! Grrr… I really don’t think I came away any better off today.

I am attaching a list of doctors, but there is only one that I have found in the UK, Rogan Corbridge in Reading UK. I know nothing about UK so I have no clue if this can help you. If you have excel, you should be able to read the attached spreadsheet. I do hope you don't have to wait 3 months for help. Best Wishes

428-EaglesSyndromeDoctors.xls (34.5 KB)

Get yourself quickly to another ENT he should have been able to measure them on the spot. My radiology report said nothing about styloid so but my doctor measured them and said they were too long.

I agree with what the others are saying. The radiologist never even mentioned it on my report because it wasn't past the mandible so he didn't feel it was ES. Even when asked after the fact. The surgeon removed 30mm.

I understand your frustration I was thrown into the "anxiety" bucket and left there. :(

Don't stop fighting!! You know your body better than anybody else.

Praying that you get to someone that will listen to you and you get some relief :)

Take care,


In my experience I have found that a CT doesn't end up showing it all anyway. My 2cents theory is that it is calcified cartilage and is not visible in the views. Try a panoramic x-ray and it will show but in my case still be a shadow compared to other bones. My last surgery was to remove .9cm of my styloid which was impossible considering what I felt compared to what the CT showed. 3cm was removed--so it surprised my surgeon and the CT was incomplete.

Don't believe every thing the CT shows believe your finger more.

Good luck, shawn

Here is a story you might find interesting. You may be able to contact the guy. Let me know if the article about Eagles does not come up and I will try to link it to you again.

Lifelongeagle said:

Here is a story you might find interesting. You may be able to contact the guy. Let me know if the article about Eagles does not come up and I will try to link it to you again.
Interestingly Carl found me and we are now friends on facebook... i've been discussing my woes with him. Its so hard when ENT dont take you seriously and i'm genuinely depressed with this constant onsets of burning pain in my throat/ear/down my neck. My muscles are a mess and I tell him and he shows no compassion! :(

I know what you are going through I have been suffering with this since my early 20s I am so glad you have someone in your country to talk to!

I am sorry for what you are going through. The same thing happened to me when I first diagnosed I was told the same thing and it seemed like after the ent poked the styloid with his finger symptoms got worse, He said that he didnt think that it was a problem. Of course he wasnt the one that could not swallow.. It was really like a nightmare 3 months after that I got them removed by another ent,,, and now 2yrs later I am eating and living. I am so thankful to God because I know it was him who made a way.

It’s very frustrating and very helpless when you paid and take your time out of your day to see an ignorant doctor!! Don’t give up and keep fighting! I had to go out of state for an experienced ES doctor.

Recently I have been getting really bad burning nerve problems from the back of my throat/ down my neck and into my right shoulder blade. Anyone else had this?

Yes Smithy I get this as well plus much more