French woman with eagle syndrom and tmjd

Thank you for having accepted me in your group. I am sorry for my English I am French.
I just had the diagnosis of eagle after years suffering.
I’m a bit lost.
I have permanent dizziness, pain in the throat of the discomforts a tmjd pains of the face of the ear … the whole left.
Could any one tell me what he thinks of my images?
Can we hope to no longer have dizziness after surgery?
thank you very much

Hi Lalie,
Welcome, and your English is great!
We’re not doctors, or experts on here, just fellow ES ‘sufferers’! But it does look on your CT as if the styloids are quite long, I can’t see any calcification of the stylo-hyoid ligaments (ES is symptoms caused by either elongated/ angled styloids or calcified ligaments). When you got your CT results, was there an evaluation done by a radiographer? Sometimes they mention the length. Unfortunately doctors use different measurements as an ‘average’ to compare- anthing from 2cms to 4cms! And most don’t realise that the angle and width are also important and can make a difference. But it’s a good start that you’ve been given a diagnosis.
The dizziness could be caused by compression of nerves going to the ear, or otherwise if blood vessels are being compressed. But this can definitely be cured by surgery- I had a horrible dizzy, off-balance feeling most of the time, and it was better within a couple of days of surgery!

Hello Jules and thank you very much for your answer.

The radiologist measured the styloids: 3.3 on the right and 3.5 on the left.

Today i have loose my voice… pain on teeth, pain on my jaw, vertigo and total imbalance always… i can do nothing. can’t walk by myself and without assistance… so horrible. I feel something in my throat… so bad… ;-(
i m afraid about surgery too but i can’t stay like that all my life… thank you to read me.

Take heart! Surgery for ES often cures all the symptoms you mentioned. Even voice loss can be a symptom of ES. If you click on the gray HOME button at the top of this page & then click on the NEWBIES Guide link, there is lots of helpful information there including links to medical articles about Eagle Syndrome.

I had two surgeries for ES, one in Nov. 2014 & one in Aug. 2015. My ES symptoms are about 99% gone. No more pain in jaw, ears, throat, behind eyes, in roof of mouth & back of skull, blood pressure dropping, tongue not working, dizziness, etc. All of it is gone.

It only takes about 2 weeks to recover from surgery to a point where you are able to start functioning normally. It does take about 2 months for full recovery & sometimes longer for nerves to heal which have been damaged by the elongated styloids or during surgery. It is soooooo worth it to have surgery. Most people can feel a positive change very soon after surgery as Jules noted.

Does the doctor who diagnosed you do ES surgery or has (s)he recommended someone who can help you?

I hope you are able to get this taken care of very soon!


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Hello there, welcome to our group.
I am 2 1/2 weeks past surgery, some of my symptoms are gone on my left side already. I am feeling pretty good. I am hoping to be able to do some of my work next week. I am self employed.
So you are French? Are you located in Canada? I am in Canada.

Hang in there, this site has lots of good information, check out the newbie area.


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thank you for all.
i live in France not canada…
i ll had appointement with two surgeons tomorrow…
hope they’ll find a solution quickly.

Hello, I also had horrible vertigo and couldn’t walk. It took 7 months to find the right ENT that made the diagnosis. This August will be 1 year since surgery. Post surgery I no longer had vertigo . Stay strong and be your own advocate.

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Hi esmeril! Who did your surgery?? How are u now?

Hi @lalie,

Were you able to find someone to do surgery for Eagle Syndrome? If so, how do you feel now. If you are happy with your outcome, would you mind sharing the name of your surgeon or surgeons so we can add them to our Doctors’ List?

I hope you are doing very well. :blush: