New Diagnosis- Eagle Syndrome

Hi! I have been so thankful for this forum! I have been reading from this for months now and finally found an ENT experienced in ES. My dentist found it on a scan she did for my TMJ issues (diagnosis TMD both sides of jaw).
After her telling me what the bone issue was called my husband and I started our research because we had never heard of this before. I had every single symptom listed and then after finding this forum I find I have even more rare vascular symptoms as well.
I did a CT without contrast due to limited time and they found my left styloid process at 29.7mm and my right 28.3 mm.
CT tech said no sign of Elongated styloid process bc of “normal lengths” but my ENT said they were long for my size neck and he sees calcification of ligaments. I am smaller framed at 5’2. I was unsure about his way of surgery but find others were successful with intra oral bilateral surgery. He is an ENT and said this is how he does it and it’s like recovering from Tonsillectomy. Which I have done @ age 17yo. I have no other options in Arkansas for doctors experienced in Eagles and have surgery scheduled Aug 13th 2021. I’m nervous but hopeful for relief after recovery. My symptoms have been on and off for many many years. I’ve had my ears checked so many times it’s sad. Pain areas were - under jaw throbbing, choking feeling, something in throat sense, jaw joint pain, muscle pain and tenderness, eye pain, tinnitus, ear throbbing, headache, neck pain, radiating pain bottom of skull going up back of head, clicking in ears, being out in heat made it seem to swell up around my throat and heartbeat in ears, light sensitivity, facial pain eye pain and trouble sleeping.

Sounds like you’ve had a long journey, but glad that you’re finally diagnosed & have a plan in place!
It will be a harder recovery, so be prepared for that (lots of info on here about whet to get ready for surgery & what to expect afterwards, but sounds like you’ve already done lots of reading & are well informed so have probably seen that!)
It’s worth double checking with your ENT that he’ll shorten the styloids as far as is safely possible, & smooth off any tip, that he’ll take out the pieces (believe it or not we have heard of doctors snapping them off & leaving them in…), that he’ll remove the calcified pieces of ligaments, & will monitor the nerves during surgery. I’d also ask about the swelling- some doctors keep you in for a night or too with drains in place for that, & some doctors prescribe steroids.
Not too long to wait! Will make a note of the date & will pray for you

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Hi Dannib,

We have learned on here that the styloid length that causes ES symptoms can be shorter in smaller adults and children so you fit right into that category. I’m glad you found someone to do surgery for you & you don’t have to travel far. Jules has given you really good information. I will also add your date to my calendar & will pray for you then. I’m glad it’s coming up soon.

After you have surgery, would you please share the name of your surgeon. If all goes well for you, we’ll add the name & contact info to our doctors list.

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Thank you so much! They told me I’d be free to go home after so IDK if there will be a overnight stay, maybe if they see I need it or something. I am very nervous because not many people did this type of surgery but he has been an ENT for 50 years and is a head neck specialist as well and said he does styloid process surgery all the time so I really hope this goes well and I can feel relief. I am 36yo with a wonderful supportive husband and a sweet hyper 4yo daughter :blush:
Thank you for your tips.


Thank you so much! I am very nervous but ready to put it behind me. I hope this style of surgery goes smooth. I will definitely list my doctor if it goes well and give an update once I am post op and able. I am grateful for this community :heart:



External surgeries are usually done outpatient & some doctors do intraoral outpatient i.e. in a surgery center, & you go home the same day. I went home the same day w/ both of mine. Just know that your busy 4 yo will need to be able to learn that she cannot jump on mommy or squeeze you around the neck for awhile. Intraoral surgery does take a bit longer to heal from than external but you’ll most likely be up & functional at some point in the second week post op. The biggest set back to recovery is trying to do too much too soon. Listen to your body & when you have pain, ice your neck, suck on ice chips or popsicles for your throat & lay low. Rest when your body asks & start returning to your activities slowly. It was two months before my full energy came back after my first surgery & 6 weeks after the second. You may recover more quickly because you’re younger. I was 58 when I had my surgeries.

I’m glad you found us & are finding encouragement here! :sparkling_heart:

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