Gadolinium contrast

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I know many of us have had MRI’s with contrast because of Eagles, or other health conditions due to injury or chronic illness. I just thought I would attach a link to a site that gives more information regarding the symptoms of gadolinium poisoning and also gets you connected to others who are going through life with having this heavy metal retained in their body when we were told this “dye” leaves the body within 24-48 hours. This heavy metal can cause a whole host of problems within the body…hormonal problems, neurological and muscular problems, calcificaton, gut issues. A urine test can be performed to show that you are still excreting this heavy metal. I had a urine test done 2 months after an MRI with contrast and it showed my body was still excreting it from my body. I have no kidney problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to test how much gadolinium is retained in the tissues of your body.

Gadolinium Toxicity The Lighthouse Project

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Thank you. I would swear that I could still “taste” the contrast in my body months after an MRI with contrast. Fortunately no longer.


Interesting article. Thank you for the link, sarcar! We’re always interested in useful & helpful information on here & many people have had scans w/ some type of contrast.

I got really sick after having 2 gadolinium injections, felt symptoms within days, it’s definitely a thing, especially if you have MTHFR. It’s the body’s one big hypersensitivity reaction to the heavy metal that not everyone clears. I still have retained gadolinium in my 24 hour urine. It’s gotten better over 7 months, but some things will never be the same. Be careful with MRI contrast, just my opinion. But the support groups for this are a little out there and not very positive or supportive.