Had two surgeries with top doctor in California. In a horrible situation. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Hello everyone, I have been in horrible distress as to what I should do for over a year now! I had two surgeries with well known Eagles surgeon from this site. When I had my first surgery this doctor wasn’t as popular as he is now. I made a very nice post about him, because at time I was in my recovery stage. Like you when you decided to go through with this surgery your praying, hoping for relieve from the torturous pain from symptoms and recovery time can seem like its forever when delicate nerves are involved. After my first surgery I kept waiting for things to improve. It started to get worse so I had the gold standard CT scan done. Low and behold it showed my styloid was still intact he had removed part of my hyoid bone thinking it was the styloid?? I was in shock. So made the visit back to the surgeons office to see what he was going to say? He told me that he has never made this type of mistake and that I should do the opposite side and he would correct his error by no later than March of this year. I ended up getting Bells Palsy on the mistake side in February and this surgeon told me he couldn’t correct until I was at least 90% better from Bell’s palsy. The last time I spoke to him he wasn’t the nicest about my situation. I am not 90% better from facial paralyzes, and i am in so much pain from the Eagles and the Bells. The facial nerve is so close to the styloid and I feel so helpless, can’t stand this pain don’t know what to do???

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I would suggest getting another opinion. I too just had two Eagles surgeries from a top Eagles surgeon in CA. Private message me if you don’t mind and let me know who your dr was. If it is different than mine I would be happy to give you my dr.s info. Thanks!

I wanted to bring this up front again. I know Eaglebaby and I know she's in terrible pain. Does anyone know of any doctors in southern California who have experience in Eagles and/or Bells Palsy that she could get an opinion from?

I am so sorry to read what happened, that’s awful. I hope you are finding some relief.
I’m not a “lawyer up” type of person, but it would seem your surgeon is negligent and you are suffering greatly as a result. I would look into what recourse you have when you are up to it.
Sending positive energy your way…

Eaglebaby, you have endured so much and I will pray for your continued care! I am glad you have posted your situation so you can get further advice and help. Please do not give up!! Praying for you.

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Hi heidemt, I am quite new to the ES site and really grateful to have found the site!

I have read many threads over the last few weeks and value your input and compassion.

I have been recently diagnosed with ES and considering to proceed with surgery. I live in Australia and was looking to consult via telephone with Dr Samji for his opinion about my condition and also possibly travelling to the US for him to perform surgery.

I would be really grateful if you could private message me regarding your experience about your surgeries with Dr Samji, noting my concern about eaglebaby’s experience (truly hope she is an a better position).

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Was your doc in San Diego?