Help! please :)

Hii I was diagnosed with Eagles syndrome this week by my ENT consultant and have been referred to a surgeon (not sure what kind!) I didn't really receive much info on the next steps etc so any info would be appreciated :) thanks

Hi Sarah,

Emma made a list of successful eagle syndrome surgeons on this site. I'd highly recommend going straight to one of them, if possible. The other path involves months (years) of wasted doctor appointments with useless doctors.

I had very successful surgery with Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia, PA, but there are many doctors to choose from on the list.

In the meantime, I'd recommend eating 20 popsicles a night. I'm not kidding.

Eagleheart is right - It's important to go to a surgeon who not only knows about Eagles, but is experienced in doing Eagles surgeries. The experienced doctors seem to take out the whole styloid - not just a piece of it - and they usually do it by an external surgery. Read more on this site to find out more about that - but let me stress that if you want to avoid lots of pain and problems down the road, it's best to go to a surgeon who is experienced with Eagles and who will take the whole thing out.

Good luck!

I agree with heidemt and eagleheart on dealing with a surgeon who is familiar with eagles and has surgical experience with it. After all, it is your health you are dealing with and wouldn't want someone who has no experience with eagle's to experiment on you. Please take the time and look through past discussion forums about questions you need to ask and become your own advocate in this important matter. Good luck on finding good treatment for your ailment.

Thanks guys I’ll definitely have a look at the list then. I was briefly looking through some discussions yesterday and found them quite interesting. Iv had pain in my ear/throat for years now and it’s taken them a while to refer me to ent luckily my ent doctor had seen a case before and sent me for a scan to confirm it was eagles. Unfortunately tho the nhs has a rubbish admin system which has taken them 6 months to give me my results.

During these 6 months iv become more depressed as I feel constantly poorly now instead of the good/bad days I had before and i have also developed a problem with acid reflux which now involves taking a tablet every morning to get me through the day (it got to the point I couldn’t eat properly and lost over a stone in around 3-4 weeks) it would be interesting to know it this is connected in anyway?? Iv seen a few discussions where it’s popped up but more along the lines of a bit of heart burn where mine was completely unbearable pain from the back of my throat to the pit of my stomach :frowning: I should mention I was taking a logo of pain relief for my head as instructed by my gp which I’m convinced contributed to a weak stomach…

Sorry for the essay :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still getting familiar with the website too so does anyone know an easy way to find this list please?

Thanks again for your answers

Also, sorry to ramble on, my ent guy mentioned calcification of the something something and I know this is going to sound like a dumb comment but since about the age of 14 (im 22 now) I slowly developed an intolerance to dairy products (not lactose) and all I eat now is chocolate (it’s worth the sickness!! :p) so anyway I’m pretty sure my calcium levels are too low to be calcifying anything lol as I don’t take supplements just wondered if this rings a bell with anyone else as well?

Or it could just be complete irony haha


Do you live in the UK? Friend me. I noticed something in your discussion that I would like to discuss with you.

Hi yea I live in the uk… I’ve added you now