Hang in there!

June 3 bilateral introral surgery. Finally feeling some relief from nagging ear pain! Facial exercises helped as was quitting smoking. I went to nicotine replacement mini mints and saw my issues reduced right away. Just wanted to put that out there for any smoker with ES. Also it took me a while after surgery to get to near normal, so hang in there!

Thanks for sharing Ivy, it's great to hear that you're feeling better now! I guess with smoking you have to draw on the cigarette which uses tongue/ floor of mouth muscles, which are all connected to the styloids, so could get aggravated by smoking?

So has it taken about 6 months to improve, do you think?

Bilateral introral surgery had to have been tough! I'm so glad you're seeing some relief. Thanks a lot for posting and letting us know that it can take a while to see improvement. And it's good to know about smoking too. It's hard to hang in there sometimes, so it's comforting to hear about successes like yours.