Thank You

Thank you all for your candid sharing about your experiences with ES. I was totally frustrated w/ the lack of information on the internet. I am more fortunate than many of the people on this site in that the first ENT I went to immediately diagnosed my symptoms as ES & sent me for a CT scan to confirm his diagnosis. Additionally, he does the surgery to correct the problem. I am also blessed to find that 2 of the doctors on Emma's list are w/in easy driving distance of my home. I will make a "second opinion" appointment w/ one of them just to compare notes.

The pictures of the surgical scars are reassuring as well because I was imagining neck scars from chin to collarbone on both sides, but I see the scars are much more minimal than that & run more horizontal than vertical. There are YouTube videos of this surgery, but the only ones I found were via the internal/ throat route. My ENT does the external surgery because he feels it's safer. I do plan to have surgery this year before the insurance change over that will occur on 1/1/15 as my current insurance will cover this but next year's might not.

My styloid processes are almost touching my hyoid bone. How does this compare w/ the diagnoses the rest of you have gotten?

Again, I so appreciate what I've learned from all of you & will pray you each find a good ENT (if you haven't) to walk through ES w/ you.

Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah - you are indeed very lucky to find a good doctor right away. And especially it's one you don't even have to travel for. Best of luck to you. I read your other post about what happened after your workout. Wow, that's scary. I hope you can get this fixed soon. Please keep us posted.

Thanks for your response, heidemt. I see my ENT tomorrow for a follow up & will talk to him about what happened on Mon. I've done long distance running for the last 3 years w/ no problem. Stopped at the end of last year but have continued working out regularly. I have NEVER had a reaction like that to hard cardio. Gotta blame ES (at least I hope that's the cause!!).

Isaiah 40:31